TB pathogenesis | Infectious diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Charles Prober: Hi, I’m Charles Prober. Morgan Theis: I’m Morgan Theis. Charles Prover: Today we’re going to talk about the pathophysiology of tuberculosis, that is how tuberculosis makes people sick. In this cartoon, there is an infected individual shown on the left. That person is coughing or sneezing, and all those little small white dots are particles coming out of […]

The Public Health Lab: Infectious Disease Laboratory

[Music] The infectious disease laboratory monitors our communities for pathogens that make us sick. We track common diseases, detect and investigate outbreaks, monitor for emerging diseases and prepare for public health emergencies. Most of our work deals with testing samples sent to us from hospital labs across Minnesota. When you see a doctor because you are sick, you sometimes submit […]

A universal biosensor for infectious disease

I sincerely believe that infectious diseases are a great threat to national security because we have emergence of of new diseases with increased travel travel and globalization. We have an increase in anti-microbial resistance but for being effectively able to respond to all of these whether it’s in some remote village in Africa or a clinic here in the United […]