BIO153 Microbiology and Infectious Disease

My name’s Julia Lodge and I run the first year Microbiology and Infectious Diseases module. Now, for a lot of our students they haven’t done very much microbiology at school so a lot of the content of this module is new. Hopefully that makes it very interesting. So we start by introducing you to all the different types of micro-organisms. […]

The End of Antibiotics and the Future of Fighting Infections

Thank you all for coming. Tonight we’re going to talk about a very serious subject. Um, the situation that we face with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Antibiotics were once the silver bullet that seemed to be able to cure just about everything. Now we look at 23,000 antibiotic resistant bacterial infections every year. So let me introduce you to our panelists. […]

Big Data to individualize management of chronic diseases – Science Nation

♪ MUSIC ♪ ELLEN FLOYD: My immune system has like turned against me. I’m fighting a war with this. MILES O’BRIEN: For decades, Ellen Floyd has fought a hard battle with scleroderma, a complex autoimmune disease with many possible symptoms. For Ellen, it’s attacking her joints, esophagus, especially her lungs. ELLEN FLOYD: I have tried a lot of different methods, […]