Heart Attack Pt.3 / Lifestyle Measures / Dr. Vipin Gupta

In last two episodes, we tried to understand, what and why of heart attack, and why are there questions on its medical treatments. Today we will share 5 such lifestyle principles, which will make your heart happy, clean, strong and I would say become bigger. You will get a good prevention from Heart Attack, and cardiac blockades will disappear. But […]

cure or reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes, by the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center Dr Nick Delgado

Interviewer: All three have considered radical surgery but rejected it in favor of a last gamble at restoring their lives through diet and exercise. They had heard about a place out in California called the Longevity Center of Santa Monica that claimed to be able to do just that. It�s a form of treatment that the medical establishment is dubious […]

Diabetes and heart disease: what you need to know

Diabetes can affect the heart in a number of different ways. The most common thing that we think about when we think about diabetes is narrowing of the blood vessels over time where fat lines the blood vessels increasingly with duration of diabetes. And that increases the risk of heart disease and strokes. In addition to that, the effect of […]

Take Diabetes to Heart: Linking Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

NARRATOR: Take diabetes to heart – linking diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Meet Michelle. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, and in her spare time she loves to cook and catch up on her favorite shows. She also has diabetes. And like many people with diabetes, she doesn’t know there’s a link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease includes […]