Record $24 Million For Cardiovascular Disease Research

I’ve got stents all over the place. I suffer from chronic kidney disease, I’ve had several strokes. I have diabetes and I have hypertension which is the blood vessels which are causing a lot of the problems. One of our great national challenges is cardiovascular disease, and that brings me today to the work of The George Institute. Now the […]

Grapes reduce risks for heart disease and diabetes, U-M animal study shows

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Heart disease is far and away the number one cause of death in the US. A set of risk factors known as the metabolic syndrome is becoming increasingly common in the population. These risk factors include obesity and hypertension that often lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers at the University of Michigan have been studying […]

Preconception | Counseling | Diabetes | Epilepsy | Hypertension | Obesity | Anormalies | Nutrition

hello everyone this is a first among the series of talks on relevant issues of Women and Children’s Health this one is on preconception counseling by the time most women realize they’re pregnant that is one to two weeks after the misded period your baby’s heart has already started beating and spinal cord has already formed surprising isn’t it but […]

Tips to Prevent Heart Attack

>So could we prevent heart attacks give us some good news?>Yes we can. — yay — Like… this is the thing prevention starts with you, with the patient. So if you know that in your family there’s a history of strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, cholesterol issues, hypertension issues, diabetes, you’re the first person that needs to identify yourself as […]

Diabetic Retinopathy, Methylation, Methylfolate & AREDS

Just wanted to cover this article. It makes a couple of significant statements. The first one is that people with methylation problems it is a significant issue and not just in terms of mental health. It’s a significant increased risk for diabetic eye disease. Another point that it makes is that you can do something for diabetic eye disease, and […]