High Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease | Debunked

Hey, it’s Mic here and today: high cholesterol and heart disease. It appears that most people today now believe that high cholesterol does not play a role in heart disease, that that’s just old thinking, that’s the old way, and it makes sense because a quick Google search will yield a ton of results reinforcing that belief. You have low-carb […]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat that travels through the blood; 85% of your cholesterol is produced by your liver and the rest comes from the food you eat. Cholesterol plays some important roles in our bodies such as producing hormones and vitamin D, to name a few. When cholesterol is combined with a protein it forms what is called a lipoprotein. […]

Say Goodbye To High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol – Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

SAY GOODBYE TO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND CHOLESTEROL The American diet is rich in bad fats, salt, and sugar. These things can contribute to serious health problems. In fact, heart disease, which is caused mainly by a poor diet, is the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States. Prevention includes maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, […]

Heart Attack Quiz – The Nebraska Medical Center

Somebody who’s having chest pain should call 9-1-1. I often tell my patients that I would rather you would come to the emergency room be evaluated for what isn’t a heart attack, than to stay home, have a heart attack and then end up in severe problems. I think if you have any concern that this is a heart attack […]

Heart Attack Pt 1 / What & Why? / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Today we are going to talk about a dangerous issue Heart attack. The times of malaria and diarrhea are gone Heart attack is the top killer in the world and in India But India needs to be more concerned because in India, cardiac arrest is increasing in young people. Before this problem was of people in 50s But today 25% […]

Women’s Heart Health | Heart disease claims lives of more women than breast cancer | Sunday Night

ANGELA: Heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp is preparing to perform life-saving surgery. See you, my dear. Her patient is 50-year-old mother of two, Anya Monka. Like tens of thousands of middle-aged Australian women, Anya’s heart is a ticking time bomb. Starting. How many Australian women are dying from heart disease? Every day 22 women lose their lives from […]