What every women needs to know about blood tests

You’re a 40 something year old women, and well you visit your doctor for a check up. Maybe it’s because you feel awful or maybe it’s just to be sure, nothing awful is brewing. Your doctor asks a few questions, gives you a once over, takes your blood pressure and then orders blood work. Exactly what get’s tested will vary, […]

High Cholesterol Medications

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about High Cholesterol Medications. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips in the future! But back to our topic. If you are suffering from high cholesterol then there are a number of different types of medication that your doctor can prescribe you and they will have both their advantages and […]

Top 5 Foods to LOWER CHOLESTEROL Naturally without Medication and Improve Heart Health

Another grocery haul! Oh, you’ll love this one, let’s take a look these are some of the healthiest Cholesterol Lowering Foods ever! Some of these superfoods are actually better than prescription drugs in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Incredible! Yes, eating these superfoods is the best way to lower cholesterol naturally and to improve your heart health! Let’s see what they […]

What should be your Ideal Cholesterol Level? Dr. Hemant Madan

Friends, I am Professor Dr. Hemant Madan. I am a Senior Consultant and Director, Cardiology and Preventive Cardiology, in Narayan Superspeciality Hospital. Very often,in newspapers and in media, we come across many doubts relating to cholesterol. Of late there has been an ideology that cholesterol and heart diseases are totally unrelated to each other or the level of cholesterol hardly […]

Cardiovascular Disease: Lipids

>What exactly are lipids and how are they related to heart health?.>Lipids are basically fats, when we look at different substances in our body, we have different chemicals and compounds and whatnot and we look at different parts of our diet there are different compounds, the diet is made up of proteins and carbohydrates and fats, fatty acids oils, and […]

Diet Doctor Podcast #27 — David Diamond, PhD

#1Welcome back to the Diet Doctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher. Today I’m joined by Dr. David Diamond. Now, Dr. Diamond has a PhD in biology and he is a professor at the department of psychology at the University of South Florida. Now, interestingly, his work is in cognitive and neuroscience and he’s done this for decades. But because of […]

Heart Disease Treatment Options

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about Heart Disease Treatment Options. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips in the future! But back to our topic. Heart disease includes plaque-blocked arteries, congenital conditions, arrhythmia, and diseases of the actual heart muscle. Whether heart disease is detected early or not revealed until after heart failure, doctors have […]