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Heart Attack Symptoms Causes of a heart failure in girls Heart attacks occur once the flow of blood to the guts is blocked by a buildup of plaque in coronary arteries. whereas the initial effort will usually be fastened on the standard suspects—heavy smokers, individuals with high-stress lifestyles, Heart Attack Symptoms or those that area unit overly overweight—the not-so-usual suspects […]

Heart Attack Symptoms – The Nebraska Medical Center

Symptoms of a heart attack can vary between individuals. An individual may have the classic symptoms of chest pain or chest pressure, arm pain, neck pain. But I think there’s a good portion of people who have what we call atypical (or unusual) symptoms that reflect the heart attack that’s ongoing. That can be some nausea, some vomiting, almost like […]

“Acute Rheumatic Fever” by Emmanuel Rusingiza, MD, for OPENPediatrics

Acute Rheumatic Fever, by Dr. Emmanuel Rusingiza. My name is Emmanuel Rusingiza. I am a Pediatric Cardiologist at Kigali University Teaching Hospital. This morning I’m going to talk about the diagnosis and management or acute rheumatic fever. As outlined, we will go through the definition and overview of acute rheumatic fever, the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, investigations, differential diagnosis, and management. […]

“Cyanotic Congenital Cardiac Defects: Diagnosis & Therapy” by Tom Kulik, MD, for OPENPediatrics

Cyanotic Congenital Cardiac Defects: Diagnosis and Therapy, by Doctor Tom Kulik. I’m doctor Tom Kulik. I’m a pediatric cardiologist and cardiac intensivist at the Children’s Hospital, Boston. This lecture will be the second part of two lectures in regards to the diagnosis and management of the infant with cyanosis. Introduction. To briefly preview the lecture, we will first review the […]

Science in Perspective – Hypertension

Among the important revisions in the 2013 ESC/ESH guidelines on arterial hypertension is the simplification of blood pressure targets Whereas before there was different target, 140 over 90 and also a target of 130 over 80 particularly in high-risk patients, now we have considered that there was not enough evidence for the lower target in most cases So now the […]

Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms

NARRATOR: You might be surprised to learn that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, and not surprising, one major sign of heart disease is a heart attack. When it comes to heart attack symptoms, men and women often experience similar feelings. But did you know there are several female specific heart attack […]

2 Rules for Having Sex After a Heart Attack

Your spouse has had a heart attack. Does this mean your sex life is over? We bring you the bottom line on sex after a heart attack. Hi, I’m Pilar Gerasimo with a Bottom Line Expert report on sex after a heart attack. I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, the director of Women’s Heart Health at the Lenox Hill Hospital […]

Heart Attack Symptoms for Women versus Men

Hi. I’m Dr. Adrian Preston and I’m a cardiologist at Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland. I specialize in non-invasive cardiology, women’s heart health, and nuclear cardiology. There are differences sometimes in symptoms of heart attacks or angina for women than men and unfortunately, we do miss a lot of symptoms in women because of it. The textbook symptom of the […]

Managing High Blood Pressure

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Nearly half the adults in America have high blood pressure. But because it develops slowly over time, many don’t even know they have the condition. The only way to know your blood pressure for sure is by testing it with the American Heart Association’s guidelines. There are two numbers in a blood pressure reading. The top number […]