“Interpreting Arterial Pressure Waveforms” by Jim DiNardo, MD, FAAP for OPENPediatrics

Interpreting Arterial Pressure Waveforms, by Dr. James DiNardo. Hi. My name is Jim DiNardo. I’m a professor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School, and one of the cardiac ICU attendings here at Children’s Hospital Boston. And I’m going to talk a little bit now about what information we can gather from looking at an arterial line trace. Arterial System. To […]

How does coronary heart disease affect your body?

Coronary heart disease, which is a narrowing of one or more of the coronary arteries in its very early stages will have little if any effect on the body and most patients would be blissfully unaware of any symptoms. As it progresses coronary heart disease can compromise the blood supply to the heart during exertion so most patients would experience […]

“Clinical Presentation of Congenital Heart Disease: Murmurs” by Michael Freed, MD

Clinical Presentation of Congenital Heart Disease in the First Week of Life: Murmurs, by Dr. Michael Freed. Introduction. My name is Michael Freed and I’m a Pediatric Cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and at Harvard Medical School. I want to spend a little time today talking about congenital heart disease in the newborn period. If you look at all congenital […]

Steps to preventing heart disease | Ohio State Medical Center

When I talk to my patients about prevention, there’s so many things they can do to avoid heart disease and prevent further exacerbation. Those include avoiding sodium intake, exercising, but most importantly is avoiding tobacco products, smoking in particular. Also being well aware of their medications that are prescribed to them and understanding what what they are and why they’re […]

Surviving Heart Attack – Cecil’s Story

I had an appointment on the 15th of May. My wife and daughter dropped me off. I got my scooter out of the trunk of the car. I went inside the hospital but between the coffee shop and the elevators on the first floor, I had a heart attack. Cecil had a massive heart attack at the VA on that […]

Angina vs heart attack – know the difference

So, in simple terms, the difference between a heart attack and angina is that in a heart attack one has interrupted the blood supply to the heart for long enough that some portion of the heart muscle has died, whereas in angina, one has a temporary or short-term reduction of the blood supply to the heart to the point that […]

Dispelling common blood pressure myths

We are going to check your blood pressure. There are many factors that can affect your blood pressure, some more obvious than others. Determining your correct numbers is the first hurdle, says cardiologist Dr. Martin Myers. The less human beings are involved in measuring blood pressure, the better. That’s because people can skew the results by not measuring or recording […]

Essential Hypertension

Here is a talk on essential hypertension. And it’s a broad topic. But I’m going to try and cram it into 10 minutes and give you most information that you’ll need to know. My name is John Roberts, MD. I’m currently a resident at Duke University in the Internal Medicine Residency Program. So let’s get moving. And here are the […]