Chancroid Infection

This voice-annotated PowerPoint will be about the chancroid infection. I am Sarah Dotters-Katz, an OB/GYN physician. By the end of this VAT, you should have an understanding of the epidemiology and pathogenesis of Chancroid infection. We will also discuss the signs and symptoms of chancroid infection, specifically as well as a differential diagnosis for genital ulcers. Finally, we will review […]

Infectious Mononucleosis

Hello. My name is Rebecca Sadun, and I’m a resident in the departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Duke University. This is going to be a Learning In 10 on infectious mononucleosis. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to recognize the symptom pattern of infectious mono, also known as mono, or IM for short; provide […]

Torch Infections

This VAP presentation is about the TORCH infections. The objections for this topic are to you name the TORCH infections and know general characteristics of the pathogens, compare and contrast the clinical manifestations of the TORCH infections, identify women at high risk for intrapartum transmission of a TORCH pathogen, and list any available methods of prevention against TORCH transmission. TORCH […]

One day we’ll prevent heart attacks

One day I went out on a simple family outing to go shopping and I came back without a father. My dad came home from work and said it’s late night shopping, let’s go check it out. We got in the car and I don’t know what caused it but we had some sort of argument, he had some sort […]

Women and Heart Disease

(upbeat music) [Dr. Jennifer Lin Yeh] Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of women in this country, which I think is not well understood. It actually outranks breast cancer as a loss of life. And after menopause, the risk for women is equal to the risk of men of having a major cardiovascular event. The risk factors for women […]

The beat goes on – exercising after a heart attack

(gentle music) – My advice to patients that have had a heart episode is number one, try and go through a cardiac rehab programme. Research shows that if you participate in a cardiac rehab programme following a cardiac event, you’ll significantly reduce your chance of having further events in the future. You’ll increase your strength, you’ll increase your fitness, and […]