What ProArgi-9 Did To My Blood Pressure

What ProArgi-9 Did To My Blood Pressure This is Arnold at Healthy At 60 Plus. I have be taking ProArgi-9 for a while now and I was surprised with the visit I had with my doctor yesterday. Being 73 years old, my doctor likes me to come in twice a year just to make sure everything is running smoothly. We […]

Have High Blood Pressure? MUST WATCH!

Hi I’m Dr. Joe from the Southside Health and Wellness Campus. Thanks for joining me today. We’re going to be talking about an important topic and a very big health concern for a lot of people which is blood pressure. I talk to a lot of my patients each and every day who come in with you know a lot […]

how to control blood pressure

today I will tell you a new meditation to control blood pressure. see whenever we get a blood pressure attack or migraine attack see what do we have to do? If we can in anyway see when we are very much peaceful we are very calm then you see carefully your breath slows down. A person who takes more less […]