What Happens When You Faint?

Fainting isn’t fun, and when it’s happening to you, or when it’s happening to someone else, It is scary, and it is unpleasant, and why, why do we do that? When you faint, it’s because your nervous system went haywire, and your brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen. A brain requires oxygen like a computer requires electricity and that oxygen is […]

Heart Disease Hight Blood Pressure Reversing breakthroughs.

this is an important message to men and women suffering from heart disease from the doctors at the international truth and medicine Council a breakthrough in heart disease and high cholesterol treatments has been achieved if you have heart troubles high cholesterol blocked arteries or know someone with these conditions then listen carefully the following presentation this might save your […]

A low salt diet causes insulin resistance which causes cardiovascular disease

You’ve got high blood pressure…………… This pressure situation is a risk for a cardiovascular event and an early demise, so you’re working at bringing it down. The first piece of advice to anyone with blood pressure problems links to salt consumption. In short…………. EAT LESS SALT, A LOT LESS. It sounds quite simple, but salt is one of those ingredients […]