Dr Long Wei Quan cures blood cancer patient Gordon with TCM龍醫師治癒血癌患者小哥頓

Hong Kong TVB (2001.7.3) Dr.Long who has cured Little Gordon will share the prescription to cure blood cancer and teach you how to prevent cancer This is Anderson Junior Tuesday night, investigation program Theme of tonight is “Prevention of Cancer” I hope everyone value your body and be serious to your health. So,there are two cases to be shared the […]

Peter McCleave – 10,000 Donors Campaign

My name is Peter McCleave, aged 40 years old at the moment. I was diagnosed at the age of 39 I’ve got two children, Max and Seb, aged eight and six and I’m married to Jenny. We live in Cheshire and my career is in finance. 10,000 Donors was my reaction to – to my diagnosis I guess. So I […]

Large Cancer Centers | Michael Maris, M.D. | Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

– My opinion is that patient’s with acute leukemia and with relapse resistant lymphomas should be treated in a large center where patients have access to clinical trials and to bone marrow transplantation. Bone marrow transplantation has been shown to be curative for a large majority of patients with lymphomas and leukemias who meet the indications for transplantation.

Acute Leukemia Referral Center | Peter McSweeney, M.D. | Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

– We are a referral center for acute leukemia patients from around the region, draining states around Colorado and from within Colorado, of course. Many patients referred here for initial assessment and treatment of their acute leukemia. Acute leukemia’s a very life-threatening disease. It often comes on very fast and requires very strong chemotherapies and very detailed and extended supportive […]