Plavix, Preventing Blood Clots For Those With Chest Pain, Heart Attack or Stroke

Plavix, the brand-name form of clopidogrel, is a prescription medication used to prevent blood clots in people who have recently been hospitalized with chest pain, or for people who have recently had a heart attack or stroke. Plavix belongs to a group of drugs called antiplatelets, which help to prevent harmful blood clots from forming in the body. This medication […]

Mudra For High Blood pressure

Hello friends. See now a days different types of chronic diseases have been born. Such diseases that do not have any cure. So in them high blood pressure is a big one. People have become very irritated from it. Because of high blood pressure you get anxiety, dizziness, body organs slowly slowly start dying out of sickness. heart attack potential, […]

British Heart Foundation – Your guide to 24 hour blood pressure and Holter monitoring tests

This film will show you what to expect if you are having a Holter monitor or 24-hour blood pressure monitoring test. Hi, my name’s Emily and I’m a cardiac physiologist here at the University Hospital of South Manchester at Wythinshaw Sometimes it’s important to monitor a patient for their blood pressure or heart rate. The benefits of wearing these monitors […]

Fitness Now for Good Blood Pressure Later

Are the holidays giving your heart a hard time? Being fit may make you look great and feel great — and it could also lower stress while warding off future health risks like high blood pressure. I’m Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new study found that greater fitness lowered the risk of developing hypertension- or high blood […]

Heart attack, clogged arteries and atherosclerosis

Your arteries, a system of tubes that transport blood around your body. Over time, the build-up of fatty material can damage and clog arteries, restricting the blood flow. This is known as atherosclerosis and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. There are several causes including – high cholesterol which can clog your arteries over time – high blood pressure […]

Information on Benicar a Prescription Medication Used to Treat High Blood Pressure

Benicar is a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure. Benicar is in a class of medications called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. It works by blocking the action of certain natural substances that tighten the blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow more smoothly and the heart to pump more efficiently. This medication comes in tablet form and is […]

7 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

About one in three American adults have high blood pressure. And, unfortunately, there’s no magic- bullet food that can lower it. However, certain foods can help. Start with walnuts. Eating a half cup of walnuts daily has been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and even shrink your waist. Walnuts contain healthy fats, magnesium and fiber, which […]