What Are Targeted Therapies for Cancer Treatment?

[music] Targeted therapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to target a cancer’s specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer growth, like blood vessel cells. Researchers are learning that specific changes take place in certain cancers. So […]

Lymphoma Treatment Evolution | Michael Maris, M.D. | Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

– The treatment of lymphoma has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. There are very specific agents that block specific abnormalities in the cancer cells that drives proliferation, and there’s been a cornucopia of different agents that have become available. Some of them are commercially available but some of them are currently being developed in clinical trials.

The Search for Cancer Viruses (NET Science and USPHS, 1966)

[Music] [A young girl rides her bike around a suburban cul-de-sac.] [Narrator:] Sandra Stahl seems to be a normal healthy young girl. She can do everything her playmates do. [Sandra’s mother calling out:] Sandra! [Narrator:] But Sandra is a child apart. She has leukemia. Cancer of the blood. Sandra’s leukemia has been brought under control by continuous doctor care. [Sandra […]

Top 7 Foods That Fight High Blood Pressure Naturally

From a bird’s eye view, the twisting and curvy roads that crisscross the nation resemble a tangled web. To keep us safe, speed limit signs are posted on each one, alerting drivers not to exceed it. Our circulatory system resembles those miles of pavement. And while there’s no signs posted to remind us to pay attention to the pressure of […]

Blood Cancer Treatment for Kids (Leukemia) with Diagnosis And Required Care – Dr.Rajeshwar Singh

Hello I am Dr. Brigadier Rajeshwar Singh Director medical oncology Paras Hospital Panchkula Today I’ll share my views on childhood blood cancer with you. cancer is a word disliked by all parents childhood cancers are less common as compared to adult out of 15 lakh new cancer patient only one lakh patient are of childhood cancer out of them one-third […]

4 health benefits of eating fig

Inner Health Sanctum…. 4 Health Benefits Of Eating Fig You can find dried figs almost everywhere at any time of the year. However, these dried products cannot beat the fresh counterpart. Fresh figs are sweet and chewy yet smooth in texture. Figs come from the Ficus tree and are a member of the Mulberry family. Figs are nutritious as they […]