Treating a Heart Attack

>How are heart attacks treated once they get to the ER?>Okay, like I mentioned before are saying is “time is muscle” — time is muscle — time is muscle. So we have a goal of of door-to-balloon time and that means from the patient walking through the door to having their artery open of less than 60 minutes and we […]

The Paw Report, Episode 611 – Heart Disease

[music plays] Kelly Runyon: Veterinarians say heart disease in dogs is common and can be caused by several factors. On this episode of the paw report, we’re joined by veterinary cardiologist Dr. Ryan Fries from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching hospital. Dr. Fries will help us recognize the signs of heart problems in dogs, causes, and various treatment options. […]

Boy Playing PUBG Game Dies of Heart Attack

Furkan Quereshi was 16 years old. He was from from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. His family and relatives had gone out for a marriage. After having his lunch, he started playing PUBG. He was addicted to this game and played for 6 hours straight. His sister was sitting next to him and encouraging him. He was very excited and suddenly shouted, […]

High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

Hey, everybody. I’m Dr. Keller Wortham. And today we’re talking about something so stealthy and serious that in the medical community it is called The Silent Killer. And I’m not talking about some miming clown tearing a hatchet. No, this is much scarier in a way than that because it’s already coursing through your veins. Actually, really it’s more pressurizing […]

Have High Blood Pressure? MUST WATCH!

Hi I’m Dr. Joe from the Southside Health and Wellness Campus. Thanks for joining me today. We’re going to be talking about an important topic and a very big health concern for a lot of people which is blood pressure. I talk to a lot of my patients each and every day who come in with you know a lot […]