One Amazing Nut to control Blood Pressure within 90 days, it’s working for sure

hello thanks for watching diet fit live fit channel one amazing not to control blood pressure within 90 days it’s working for sure controlling blood pressure level is an important feature of healthy BP patient the major global population is affected by blood pressure it’s widespread diseases more than 7 million deaths annually worldwide from cardiovascular disease a various research […]

Hoa tam thất, Vị thuốc hạ huyết áp

Health Network, For Public Health Hi, you are listening to audio on website Hypertension, the antihypertensive drug According to the ancient letter, sweet tamarind flowers, cool features, the use of heat bar, cooling, heat dissipation, detoxification, regulate the function of organs, blood pressure, hypotension and tranquility, calm. Often used to treat diseases and disorders such as hypertension, arthritis, dizziness, […]

How to Take a Blood Pressure Manually

– In this video I’m gonna break down and go through with you how to take a manual blood pressure. (calming music) Shout-out to PinkCubs1 who commented on my YouTube video suggesting that I make a video on how to take a manual blood pressure. This one is for you. Guys if you are, like me, a nurse or just […]

Symptoms of a heart attack, Dr John

(soft upbeat music) – It can vary for a lot of people. There’s always the classic chest pain, or chest pressure or chest tightness, that doesn’t go away and that is usually if you have a massive heart attack. It’s usually very uncomfortable. You have to pay attention to your body, but a lot of people can have symptoms that […]

Doctors Hospital Heart Attack Patient — Testimonial

– [Narrator] It’s certainly not hard to figure out what team Alice Redmond roots for. – [Alice] I’m a big Georgia Bulldog fan. – [Narrator] It was while watching her favorite team that she realized something wasn’t right. – I went to the ball games, but I didn’t have a lot of energy and I’ve always been real energetic. – […]