Steel HR — A smart fitness watch that fits just right

– So, I screwed up, okay. I wore my everyday watch to
the gym, twice, only twice, and I got sweat stains all up in it. Gross. But then, I got smart. So, I’ve already been way
up in the Withings ecosystem for a while now, right, smart scale, wireless blood pressure monitor, stuff that’s really helped
make my life better. So, why not try one of
their watches for the gym? (dramatic music) So, let’s just cut to it. Two huge reasons why I’m
diggin’ the Steel HR. One, I don’t have to charge it every day. After wearing a normal
smart watch for a long time, that’s a big deal, not having to worry about charging it every single day. And the other is, this
just, it’s not huge. It’s not small, it’s not tiny, but it’s not gigantic, either, and they actually have two sizes. There’s a 40-millimeter
version that I’m wearing here, and they also have a slightly smaller 36-millimeter version in black and white. I tell ya, my wife’s been wearing that one and it looks really good on her. All right, everything
looks really good on her, but, yeah, hi, honey. So, one key thing you’re
gonna wanna do here is when you go to exercise,
hold down the button on the side to activate the workout mode, and that does a couple things. Most important is that it starts taking your heart rate continuously instead of once every 10 minutes. Then, it also gives you a little timer so you can tell how long you’ve walking or running or cycling or whatever. So, workout mode brings us
back into the Withings app. After you’ve completed your activity, the watch is going to automatically
sync back with the phone and try to import whatever
it is you were doing and figure out whether you were running or walking or cycling or even swimming. So, you’re maybe gonna have to edit a few of the details yourself, but the idea is that it’s gonna take the work of importing all
this stuff out of your hands. The app is also where you’re gonna get a little more information about the watch so you can get some details
and change the setting so you can change the
brightness if you want, you can rearrange where the stats fall as you press the button. That’s really about it, though. Most of the heavy work here is gonna be done on the watch itself. Let’s get back to some of the details. Now, it’s got a big analog
face, love seein’ that. It’s got a little tracker down at the bottom that lets you know just how much farther
you have to go every day. By default, that’s set to 10,000 steps. Then you have the smart part of the watch. Now, this can kick over
some basic notifications from your phone via Bluetooth,
phone calls, text messages, calendar appointment, things like that, and I like that you don’t
get too much information. With other smart watches, I
tend to start playing with ’em and getting rid of email
instead of focusing on what I’m doing, which is exercising. My favorite thing about this watch is that you can go days and days and days without having to charge it. And that’s when you’re using workout mode and the continuous heart rate, which is actually gonna
hit the battery harder. If you’re not using that as often, you’re talking weeks without
having to charge this thing. It’s amazing. And, it kinda without saying, but the more you wear it, the more you’re gonna get out of it, right. Obviously, taking steps,
tracking all that stuff, but you can also wear it
while you’re sleeping, too. I don’t do that, I don’t wear
watches while I’m sleeping, but it will track your sleeping habits. It actually gently wake you up in the morning if you set an alarm. It’s almost a full smart watch. I love that I don’t have to
charge it every single night and that’s because it doesn’t
have a big digital display. So, I love the analog hands. It makes it look like a normal watch. It’s not ginormous, it just looks good, it works well, that’s it, I
gotta go exercise some more. See ya. (uptempo music) Oh, hey, you’re still here. As long as you are, do me a favor, don’t forget, go watch the
videos on the connected scale and the other one on the
wireless blood pressure cuff. Love how all these things
work in the same ecosystem and I use them every single day. Please, be sure to subscribe,
super important as well. That’s it, see ya later.

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