Stages of Liver Cancer

What Are the Different Liver Cancer Stages? There are four main liver cancer stages, depending
on the size of the tumor and how far cancer has spread. Stage 1 liver cancer is the least severe,
while Stage 4 means cancer has spread throughout the body, including to other organs. Doctors use this classification system to
work out which type of treatment is most likely to be effective. As with the measurements for other types of
cancer, the higher liver cancer stages require more aggressive treatment. With Stage 1 liver cancer, there is a single
cancerous growth in the liver. Unlike in the higher liver cancer stages,
the tumor hasn’t spread to other parts of the body and isn’t present in the blood
or lymph nodes. Stage 1 liver tumors often can be removed
by surgery, which involves the affected part of the liver being cut away. To be classified as a Stage 2 tumor, the growth
must be smaller than 0.8 inches (2 cm). Stage 2 liver cancer is more severe than Stage
1, but cancer still has not spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body. In this stage, the tumor may have spread to
blood vessels or there may be more than one small tumor. Unlike more severe liver cancer stages, there
is still a chance of removing the tumor through surgery, although this depends on how large
the tumor is and whether there are secondary small tumors. If there are multiple tumors, then they must
be confined to one lobe of the liver to be classified as Stage 2 cancer. There are three sub-groups of Stage 3 liver
cancer. A Stage 3A liver tumor is larger than a Stage
2 tumor but has not spread to blood vessels or lymph nodes. Stage 3B tumors are more severe, and cancer
has entered blood vessels close to the liver but still has not spread around the body. If a person has a Stage 3C liver tumor, then
cancer has spread into the tissue around the liver but nowhere else in the body. Of the four liver cancer stages, Stage 4 is
the most severe. It is split into two subgroups — 4A and
4B. Stage 4A cancer means cancer has spread into
lymph nodes away from the liver. If a person has Stage 4B liver cancer, then
the cancerous cells have spread to other organs away from the original tumor. Visit the website. Click below