Stabilize BLOOD Pressure w This AMAZING Ingredient! MUST ADD to Your Diet to REDUCE Blood Pressure

Stabilize BLOOD Pressure w This AMAZING Ingredient! MUST ADD to Your Diet to REDUCE Blood Pressure

stabilized blood pressure and eight
other reasons to eat more cayenne pepper cayenne pepper has been used for
centuries throughout the world particularly in China and the Americas
for culinary as well as medicinal purposes it contains capsaicin the
compound which makes it spicy and also offers a number of therapeutic
properties if you don’t have this fabulous spice in your kitchen cabinet
it’s one you should definitely put at the top of your shopping list
anti-cancer properties capsaicin is believed to have the ability to kill
cancer cells a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute
revealed that the substance caused tumor cells to kill themselves in a process
known as apoptosis another study out of Loma Linda University found that it may
even help prevent lung cancer in smokers aiding digestion was although cayenne
pepper is spicy it has been shown to help heal intestinal and stomach ulcers
in addition to improving digestion by stimulating the peristaltic movement of
the intestines it can also help relieve digestive issues like gas and abdominal
cramps preventing and easing of pain of migraines a 1998 study published in the
clinical Journal of pain found the capsaicin worked better than a placebo
for cluster headaches although their research found that the compound needs
to be applied topically such as by swabbing the inside of the nose in order
for it to be effective supporting detoxification Cayenne has
the ability to increase the pulse of the lymphatic and digestive rhythms which
aids in streamlining a natural process of detoxification this spicy pepper also
causes us to sweat which is an important part of that process relief from
arthritis pain capsaicin also works on the sensory nerves relieving pain caused
by arthritis and rheumatism when applied directly to the skin in the form of the
cream or a lotion supporting weight loss researchers from Laval University in
Quebec found that study participants who consumed cayenne pepper for breakfast
headless an appetite which led to consuming fewer
calories throughout the day it’s also known to help boost the metabolism and
aid the body and burning excess fat stabilizing blood pressure cayenne
pepper helps can normalize blood pressure by regulating the flow of blood
from head to toe it also equalizes blood pressure in the
arteries and veins almost immediately in addition it can remove blockages present
in arteries to improve blood flow improving heart health cayenne pepper is
known to improve cholesterol levels supply vital nutrients to the heart
remove toxins from the blood and even rebuild blood cells it can also aid in
removing plaque that sticks to the arteries relieving allergies adding
cayenne pepper to your diet during allergy season is recommended by many
nutrition experts for relieving allergy symptoms
that’s because capsaicin is believed to thin the mucus and stimulate the sinuses
which helps us to breathe more effectively five super foods that can unclog your
arteries to have a healthy heart you should also have healthy arteries which
are the ones responsible for carrying healthy blood to your tissues if you
don’t cleanse your arteries plaque can build up and they will soon become
clogged as a result blood flow is inhibited if
you want to get rid of the plaque that is actually from cholesterol fat
cellular waste fibrin and calcium the best thing about cleansing your arteries
is that you only need to eat healthy foods the following hour artery friendly
foods that you should add to your diet right away 1 garlic adding garlic to
your meals is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your arteries according to a
research held in Germany regular consumption of garlic can prevent a or D
hardening it also reduces your bad cholesterol levels and provides benefits
to the heart especially for older people – pomegranate unknown exotic food this
fruit is helpful in clogging arteries as confirmed by a 2005 study published in
the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this fruit has high
amounts of polyphenols vitamin C and other antioxidants it also helps in
stimulating nitric oxide production which keeps the arteries open and
therefore making it easier for blood to flow 3 salmon a fatty fish that is well
known for its health benefits salmon can help get rid of plaque buildup it has
omega-3 fatty acids including a Coast pentanoic acid or EPA and
docosahexaenoic acid or DHA both can increase your HDL cholesterol or the
good cholesterol while reducing dangerous triglyceride levels in the
occurrence of inflammation in your blood vessels for turmeric another well-known
superfood turmeric is a spice that you can add to your foods to help keep your
arteries free from blockages turmeric is rich in curcumin
which is a compound that is very healthy and comes with several benefits
including lowering chances of inflammation and blood vessel damage
five olive oil when buying olive oil it always helps to go for extra virgin
olive oil which is extremely good for the heart this type of oil comes with
antioxidants particularly the heart-healthy polyphenols when combined
with the oils monounsaturated fats olive oil can reduce bad cholesterol levels
while improving good cholesterol amounts as a result plaque buildup in the
arteries is greatly reduced arteries are essential to the heart and blood flow
naturally the arteries are strong elastic and flexible but deposits can
make them hard which restricts the distribution of oxygen-rich blood to the
whole body add the superfoods listed above to
cleanse your arteries and keep your heart healthy at the same time surprising health benefits of eating
limes every time we think of limes we can’t help but also remember pies but
these fruits are great not only for making these sweet treats they are in
general healthy for you limes can prevent cholera cholera is a potentially
deadly disease that is obtained from food and water contaminated by the
bacteria in 2010 in Haiti thousands of people died from the epidemic following
the massive earthquake lime however has shown a strong potential to prevent the
spread of the disease by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in a research
conducted by a Sandstrom a rodrigues P avi al the bacteria can contaminate rice
but if one adds a sauce enriched with lime juice to it the risk of getting
cholera decreases at different concentrations lime juice can also stop
the growth of B calorie West African villages that are usually affected by a
cholera epidemic add the fruit extract for prevention lime juice may protect
the body from cancer cells the cells in your body undergo a cycle of birth and
death death is very important to get rid of diseased cells and rejuvenate your
body however there are times when a DNA s are altered in that in
dying they multiply and spread this is what happens when a person develops
cancer limbs like lemons though tend to have the ability to alter the cellular
cycle including apoptosis cellular death by doing this it can stop the growth and
development of cancer cells lime can protect your body from chronic
inflammation inflammation is your body’s natural response when it’s under attack
for example if you have allergies your antibodies try to get rid of the
allergen by releasing histamines histamines on the other hand cause
rashes and swelling however inflammation can become chronic
and that’s certainly not a good thing since it can could cause damage to vital
organs such as the heart pancreas and liver it also leads to conditions such
as arthritis and hypertension Lyme contains at least 31% of the recommended
dietary allowance for vitamin C this vitamin neutralizes the effects of free
radicals which are responsible for increasing chronic inflammation juice
these 3 superfoods to detoxify your liver and improve vision according to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC chronic diseases like
stroke arthritis diabetes cancer and heart disease are the main causes of
disability and death in the United States however unbeknownst to most a
large percentage of chronic diseases can actually be prevented with a healthy
lifestyle how to prevent chronic diseases most chronic diseases are
associated with unhealthy lifestyle and dietary choices
these include poor nutrition excessive alcohol consumption smoking tobacco
chronic stress and a sedentary lifestyle these are the major contributors to the
development and progression of many preventable chronic diseases like type 2
diabetes cardiovascular disease obesity high blood pressure and many types of
cancer fortunately they are within your own
hands to change by being more physically active
following a balanced and avoiding alcohol and tobacco
products you could reduce your risk of developing many of these chronic
conditions and diseases even if you already suffer from arthritis diabetes
cancer heart disease or any other chronic condition eating plenty of
nutrient-dense foods and getting regular exercise whether walking jogging or
swimming will help you effectively manage your illness you’ll also be able
to prevent complications and prolong your life at the same time why don’t
more patients choose a healthy lifestyle although doctors suggest healthy
behavior to help manage or prevent chronic diseases most patients simply
aren’t prepared to start or maintain these healthy changes many patients
understand the principles behind a healthy lifestyle but don’t know how to
get the help they need if this is you consider interventions such as exercise
training nutritional counseling and stress reduction techniques like yoga
meditation Tai Chi are spending time in nature in addition consuming raw organic
vegetables can provide numerous health benefits whether you have a chronic
disease or not however if you consume more fruits and vegetables as part of
the balanced diet you are less likely to have chronic
diseases this is because raw organic veggies and fruits provide essential
nutrients for overall health and maintenance of your body getting more
fruits and vegetables into your diet doesn’t have to heart either this recipe
will boost your energy detoxify your liver and colon improve your digestive
health and enhance your vision ingredients for this recipe please use
raw organic ingredients for maximum benefits 4 oranges 2 carrots 1 beat
instructions add the ingredients to a juicer served fresh in a tall glass
enjoy you

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