Simple blood test could be used to detect breast cancer

Simple blood test could be used to detect breast cancer

The research is to develop a blood test that
can detect small fragments or little seeds if you like of the cancers that do break off
from cancers and then go into our blood. It would be a simple blood test so that would
mean that people all over the state of Western Australia or in fact all over Australia in
rural communities or what have you dont have to go to specialised facilities to have their
blood drawn because what can happen is once the blood is drawn it can then be sent to
a central testing which the test can then be carried out then. We can do better for our breast cancer patients
and they deserve peace of mind and this particular test will allow us to measure very very low
levels of cancer in the blood so that means that before a cancer has the chance to really
settle in we can pick it up at a really early stage. Also it means that women that have survived
breast cancer it will give them some peace of mind that we can test hopefully on a regular
basis that the cancer is not coming back. And it’s ongoing across Australia and it’s
really important we in Western Australia keep up and punch above our weight and we are.

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