Secret Foods for Blood Flow 血液動力 | WHAT I EAT in Taipei Taiwan

Secret Foods for Blood Flow 血液動力 | WHAT I EAT in Taipei Taiwan

Hello everyone I’m Michael / No Limits Li In today’s video I want to explain two recipes Nutrition is a heated & debated topic But these are two basic recipes that you can use in your daily diet to optimize blood flow Even if you don’t know about blood flow whether you want to lose weight or build muscle These two recipes will help you with your goals The first one is the most basic doesn’t require refrigeration or stove Three simple ingredients: First is a mashed banana You don’t have to use banana, can use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Choose your favorite fruit and this will be the base and I mashed the fruit with my titanium spork then I added the second ingredient, protein powder adding some protein to round out the macronutrients the final ingredient is cinnamon just three basic ingredients and is extremely easy to make & nutritious The second dish is also simple, the base is whole eggs so I’ll show B-roll of me cooking basically I started with garlic, smashed & diced it up put it on the stove & added four eggs then I added tomatoes Green onions too, which are optional the final ingredient is chili peppers So last week’s video was more about western training philosophy and a little bit about blood flow in an abstract sense today’s video is about nutrition, energy input balancing out with energy output of traditional training videos and next week’s video is more eastern philosophy take on blood flow if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below if you’re curious about blood flow & want to learn more Thanks for watching, please click subscribe & “like” if you enjoyed the video Thank you


  1. These are based on some of my favorite foods that I eat every day. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you're curious about 血液動力 Blood Flow 😀

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