SECOND OPINION | Controlling Hypertension Myth or Medicine | BCBS

SECOND OPINION | Controlling Hypertension Myth or Medicine | BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of “Second Opinion” Live Fearless. Sodium or salt is an essential mineral in the human
body it also has become a staple of the american diet but one in every three adults has
hypertension in the US. Limiting the amount of salt you eat will
help lower your blood pressure therefore eating salt causes
hypertension. Is that myth or medicine? Eating salt causes
hypertension partially a myth but mostly medicine. Hi I’m John Bisognano Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at University Rochester Medical Center
in Rochester, New York, Eating salt itself won’t cause
people to develop hypertension, Hypertension is a very complex genetic
condition for people’s blood pressure starts going up
usually somewhere in their 30’s and 40’s. Much like it did in other members their
families. Diets particularly high in sodium people salt a lot of food people who eat a lot of processed or canned food often get much more than six grams
of sodium which is not good for their health it can raise blood pressure and also
increase the overall risk have cardiovascular disease. So what I recommend to most people is
moderation and salt intake is probably the best thing to do if
you’re concerned about having high blood pressure. Chris from Ontario, New York asks “I have
hypertension how often should I check my blood
pressure?” The most accurate reading of blood pressure is a well-taken cold blood pressure. So what we really
want to treat in the office is what your blood pressure is 99.99
percent of the time which is not the reason that we see in
the doctor’s office. Once somebody is on a stable regime of blood pressure
medication is probably not important to take the
blood pressure every day in fact they could become an annoyance is something the really
doesn’t provide information is useful in the long run but I still recommend taking the blood
pressure occasionally maybe every week every two weeks just to make sure nothing is changing
or moving slowly in the wrong direction. And that’s medicince. Not sure if it’s
myth or medicine? Connect with us online. We will get to
work and get you a second opinion. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of “Second Opinion” Live Fearless.

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