Sarah Says: Preventing hypertension

Sarah Says: Preventing hypertension

pretty difficult being an adult in the
UK these days, you feel like you’re being lectured about your health all the
time the problem we got is that many of the
risk factors for heart attack and stroke which are still between them the commonest killers in
the UK today are preventable, but the real issue is
that you don’t know they’re risk factors unless you have them checked out. High
blood pressure is a case in point, it’s one of the single biggest risk
factors for stroke and for heart attack and yet your blood
pressure is raised for years on end and you know nothing
about it unless you get it checked out everybody should have their blood
pressure checked least once every five years especially if they’re over 40, as you get
older if you have diabetes if you’re older if
you’ve had a heart attack or stroke kidney problems any other medical
condition you should be getting your blood pressure checked more often. If you’re concerned, it’s really
important to see your GP, and the main reason for
that is that high blood pressure doesn’t cause
symptoms, you feel fine when you’ve got high blood pressure, but
unfortunately by the time you have your heart attack
or stroke as a result of it, and wish you’d had your blood pressure checked earlier, it could be too late. That means getting
your blood pressure checked regularly, improving your lifestyle, if you are
found to have high blood pressure you may be able to avoid taking tablets at all if you can cut your wait by just 10
percent, you can cut your blood pressure by a whopping 10 over five millimeters of mercury, ask your GP or nurse what that means that’s about the same as taking a blood pressure tablet very
often. If you cut the salt in your diet, if you eat a diet which is higher in fruit
vegetables and lower in all those unhealthy things that are so tempting when we feeling stressed, if you exercise
regularly all these things will help keep your blood pressure under
good control if your blood pressure is consistently
raised, your doctor is going to recommend that you take tablets. Now some of those tablets have no side
effects at all for the vast majority of people In fact most of them are pretty well
tolerated, but if you find you’re taking a tablet which gives the side effects
and you feel worse rather than better on them, don’t stop
taking them, rather than going back to see your GP. Go and tell your GP about the problems and they may well be able to find one
that suits you better


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