Salt OK if Blood Pressure is OK?

Salt OK if Blood Pressure is OK?

“Salt OK if Blood Pressure is OK?” Fact or fiction: if your blood pressure
is normal, salt is okay. Or to put it another way,
unless you have high blood pressure, there’s no reason to
specifically avoid sodium. Fact, or fiction? Major fiction. Salt does all sorts of bad
things to our arteries besides just raising blood pressure, contributing to the deaths of about
150,000 Americans every year. So try to keep sodium intake
under about 1500mg a day, which means a single slice of bacon could
take you over the top for the entire day. Which has more sodium, though— more salt? A serving of beef, a serving
of baked all-natural chicken, a large McDonald’s French fries,
or a serving of salted pretzels? It’s not the pretzels,
or the fries, or the beef. Why does just plain chicken
have so much salt in it? It’s because the poultry industry
Injects the carcasses with salt water to artificially inflate the weight,
and they can still label it 100% natural. Consumer Reports found
some supermarket chicken so plumped with salt that it
registered 840mg per serving. That’s off the charts, like a half a
day’s sodium in half a chicken breast.


  1. And they affirm prior evidence that people unconsciously maintain daily sodium intakes within a relatively narrow range … with the lowest intakes being higher than the official guideline (2,300mg).

  2. The increased risks seen with daily sodium intakes below 3,000mg include greater risk of death and heart attack (Paterna S et al. 2008; Paterna S et al. 2009; O'Donnell MJ et al. 2011; Stolarz-Skrzypek K et al. 2011)

  3. Would love to see a study on those Nepali/Tibetans who take salt in their tea. Actually, I put salt in my green tea, with a squeeze of lemon. Very very nice. Would be too sad if I had to finish that box of tea without salt..

  4. My doctor recommended i eat more salt because I have naturally low blood pressure and if I'm dehydrated I can faint

    If I make sure I drink enough water then it's manageable, but that's also with me putting salt in my food.

    She said eating more salt was better for me than taking medication

  5. Dr. Greger…I'm on whole food plant/vegan way of eating and I have been salt-free going on 5 days.  Taste buds have changed, but I'm really concerned about LOW SODIUM.  I'm eating (and juicing) celery, but still sodium low.  Good news is my BP is lower within range (It starting to rise 2 months ago???).  I can do this, but don't want my sodium to potassium (which is high) to get out of whack.  Could you address this in one of your videos.  Love and Thanks.

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