Reverse Heart Disease to Live in Divine Health

Reverse Heart Disease to Live in Divine Health

DON: One of the key reasons
we’re seeing so much plaque and heart disease is suboptimal
low-thyroid. So when we get that thyroid bolstered
up and optimized, it’s amazing how the body starts
to burn that plaque. (Singing) I know my
God has made the way for me. I know my God
has made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Can heart disease
be reversed? Join Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don and Mary
Colbert today on Believer’s Voice of Victory and learn
how diet, exercise, and proper supplements can help
you live long and strong. KENNETH: Hello everybody, I’m
Kenneth Copeland, welcome to the Believer’s Voice of
Victory Broadcast. My, my, my, my. Are we having
some time here with these two? Praise God.
DON: Love it. KENNETH: Father, we thank you. DON: Yes Lord.
KENNETH: And we praise you. It’s so exciting. Your Word and the
things, the breakthroughs that you’ve given Don and Mary and
others like them. You’re revealing yourself in the house
of the whole spirit, soul and body, financially and socially,
in every part of life, but particularly in the hard spots,
the food hard spots, the sickness and disease hard spots.
Thank you Jesus you’ve already fixed the hard spots and we look
to you sir, to know and to understand from you and from
your word by your spirit, how to walk in this healthy, strong
life. DON: Amen. Yes Lord. KENNETH: In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Praise the Lord. DON: Praise God. KENNETH: Let’s, yesterday,
right at the end of the broadcast there we were talking
about, … and I asked Dr. Colbert about plaque and how to
reverse it, get rid of it. And this is a killer, I mean this is
a killing machine. DON: Number one killer in this country is
heart disease. KENNETH: That plaque- DON: That’s right.
KENNETH: It causes, causes little, a little bumps to build
up in there. Then that little bump starts squeezing off that
artery and then that little bump becomes, it’s like something in
a stream of water and the water’s got trash in it and
something’s there and it starts building up, starts a little
hump there. Then that little hump, it starts building up more
trash and more trash and more trash. DON: But what happens,
here’s what happens usually, it’s unstable plaque. It starts
like a little pimple and it’s like picturing the plaque is
like, triglycerides and it’s got calcium in it. It’s got white
blood cells and all this fibrin and junk in it. And when it
pops, it releases a little bit the size of a little tiny lead
of pencil. It can be released a little dot. And then platelets
stick to it. Just like a, you know, snowball forming and it
goes bigger and bigger- KENNETH: And it’s in the stream of the
blood flow. DON: Correct. So then, KENNETH: Yeah that’s what
I was trying to say. DON: So then what happens, it clogs the
arteries and boom, you just had a heart attack within seconds.
So here’s what we do. We reverse this all the time and first what
we want to do is stabilize that plaque. I like to explain it to
the church like this, picture a lake up north, right when it
starts to get cold and it’s not, the ice has not formed on the
lake, but maybe an inch or half inch and you, you walk out there
and you’ll fall through it, that’s unstable ice. It’s like
unstable plaque, where it can break and then release its
contents and then boom, the platelets stick to a form of
blood clot. Now picture this right now with this polar arctic
blast. Now the lakes are solid up there in northern Wisconsin,
Minnesota, maybe a foot or two thick. You can drive your car
out on that lake, you’re not going to fall through. I
remember I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we went, we, a
friend took us over to see these ice fishermen and so they have a
river there in Winnipeg and he took his Cadillac, Mary and I
were in it, Mary was freaking out. He rode right down the
middle of that river and Mary was like white knuckle driving,
she said, “No, don’t get off here.” Because he said, “Don’t
worry, it’s a few feet thick. There’s no way we can fall
through and had all these ice fisherman, it had their fires
out on the lake, you know, catching fish. But what happens
is we first stabilize the plaque. Now here’s what we do.
You do not want to go the gym and start doing high intensity
exercise, you want to start real slow and this is how you do it.
First you do the keto zone diet, but not just the keto zone diet,
you don’t want to be taking a lot of cheese and cream and
butter and coconut oil. You want a plant based, lots of olive
oil, lots of fish oil, Omega-3 here’s what Omega-3 does, fish
oil, and I’d say a lot, about 5,000 milligrams or five grams.
Why? Because it’s kind of like Slick 50 for an engine, you know
how years ago they had this Slick 50 and you could literally
put the Slick 50 in and run it without oil and the engine
,wouldn’t hurt it? Well Slick 50 helps to prevent the platelets
from stickiness, like aspirin, but it doesn’t cause, it has an
aspirin type effect, but it doesn’t upset your stomach like
aspirin cause, ulcers and gastritis. So first of all, we
want to go ahead and put you on the right oils. A lot of plant
based oils, avocado oil, olive oil, Macadamia nut oil, almond
oil, lots of nuts. Nuts are great. Lots of seeds. Pumpkin
seeds, every man should be on pumpkin seeds. MARY: Don will
actually take a little Dixie Cup put oil in it and drink it. DON:
Olive oil. Absolutely, because when you’re out, when you’re
taking these healthy oils, it helps prevent plaque. You say
that doesn’t make sense, how can it not? Other oils, corn oil,
grapeseed oil, soybean oil, fried foods, trans fats create
more plaque. Excess butter can also do that too. Now when I see
a patient with plaque, I always measure and NMR lipid profile. I
get their two forms of LDL cholesterol, their pattern A and
pattern B. If their pattern B is real high, they’re forming
plaque. I also check an oxidized LDL level and I check a LP
little a, that’s the worst lipoprotein causing plaque, it’s
10 times worse than any other, than regular cholesterol. I
checked those and then I modify them with diet first and then
what- MARY: That’s in the keto zone book DON: That’s in my keto
zone book, correct. Now then what I do, I put them on my
ketone diet. But again, you gotta be careful church can be
eating slabs of butter and sausage and bacon and cream and
all that other stuff, and coconut oil. Then what I do is,
I’ll start them on exercise. Exercise raises that HDL. The
higher we get the HDL, the more it cleans your arteries. So if
we can get you exercising for, start with, you know, 10, 20, 30
minutes a day, five days a week, and get your heart rate up about
110, 120, 130 for about 30 minutes and that starts to raise
your HDL. As your HDL goes up, it starts to get rid of the
plaque by reverse cholesterol transport. It takes it out of
the arteries, ships it to the liver to be excreted. Now, what
happens is, then you want to take vitamin K2 in the form of
MK7. Now that’s, this is a real important nutrient for everyone
because as we age, after age 50 everyone’s arteries start to
form calcium deposits in your arteries. Yes, your bones, as we
age start to demineralize, we lose calcium from our bones, but
a weird thing happens, we start to calcify her arteries, but
when we take this special vitamin, the form of K2 or MK7
and 100 micrograms twice a day, and this was based on the
Rotterdam study, we start to reverse the calcium in our
arteries, we start to get rid of the calcium. So it’s really
important to do- MARY: So it stays flexible because what
happens is it gets rigid. Surgeons will go in and do
surgery on people and they say it’s like cutting through- DON:
Stone. MARY: Stone on the arteries. DON: Bone, they’re
like cutting through bone. KENNETH: That’s where the,
that’s where the phrase hardening of arteries came from.
MARY: Exactly. DON: That’s from the calcium but now we can start
reversing that, the sooner the better, so if you can start at
50 it’s even better, if you’re starting at 80 or 90 it’s going
to be taking a little longer, but we can still do it. The
other thing we want to do is nitric oxide, say nitric oxide.
After the age of around 50, a strange thing happens to our
arteries. This one single layer called the endothelium produces
a gas called nitric oxide, that’s how they got
nitroglycerin because it dilates the arteries. KENNETH: Dilates
the arteries, yeah. DON: Exactly. So, what happens, our
body produces a gas called nitric oxide that dilates the
arteries from this one cell thick endothelium that lines all
the arteries. But what happens with time that endothelial
lining gets oxidized with cholesterol deposits and it gets
rough and it doesn’t work. It quits producing nitric oxide. So
we need to get some products, and there’s many that have this
arginine has it, citrulline has it beet extracts that are low in
sugar, you’ve got to be careful, you take a lot of beet stuff
it’ll throw you out of the keto zone, so I’d take a chewable
beet pill that doesn’t have sugar in it, and it increases my
nitric oxide and helps the blood flow and then what we do is
testosterone. Testosterone helps to increase nitric oxide and it
helps to dilate those arteries. Now there’s a lot of people say,
“No, but it causes heart disease. I heard about the Tom
Study in 2010 or heard about the Jama study in 2013 and now here
are all these attorneys on TV saying, ‘You know, if you’ve
been on testosterone and suffered a heart attack or
stroke, call this number.'” Well again, they’ve come out with
other studies that show that it does not cause heart attack and
strokes. Now again, if you have a high, if you have heart
disease already, if you’re a smoker, yes you can have it, but
there’s a cardioprotective range of testosterone. That’s
typically around 550 to about 900 when you’re in that sweet
spot, you’re generally protected against heart disease. So we
want to get that testosterone in men, now in women, we try and
get it up to about know 75-100 something like that, and it
gives you that protective effect, that dilatation effect
of the arteries. Okay, so what we do is we got you on the right
diet. We put you on anti-inflammatory supplements
and what I love is curcumin. Curcumin is wonderful at
preventing oxidation of cholesterol and also gludapyyon.
Those are two powerful antioxidant supplements that
help. MARY: Or eat curry. DON: Then eating curry, we eat curry
a few times a week we go to this Thai restaurant and we get these
yellow curry and oh, it is delicious. MARY: So good for
you. DON: And it is so good. It protects your brain, against
Alzheimer’s, it prevents plaque buildup in your arteries, and it
also protects against cancer. It inhibits cancer by 10 different
mechanisms, but here’s the most important. Do you want to hear
the most important … in preventing plaque? Intermittent
fasting church. Church it’s one of the three duties we as
Christians are commanded by Jesus to do. When you fast, when
you pray, when you tithe, well, we now have the most powerful
form of fasting called intermittent fasting. You want
to reverse plaque? You start your intermittent fasting, now,
you may only start 12 hours, 14 or 16 I like to do at 16 you get
maximum benefits from 6:00, you quit eating at 6:00 at night and
you don’t eat until 10:00 the next morning. When you do this,
this process called autophagy is unleashed in your body and in
your arteries and you start to take that plaque and you burn it
as fuel. It’s like putting it in a furnace. It’s like a self, a
self cleaning oven. So, and again, unfortunately doctors
don’t teach you this. They’ll put you on a statin drug,
they’ll put you on a few and blood pressure med. But when you
do this, you lower your blood pressure with the Keto diet,
with intermittent fast, with your exercise. Put it all
together with speaking the Word with these key anti-inflammatory
nutrients. What I find, and I do carotid ultrasounds with intima
media thickness score and I followed these on patients, and
I do coronary CT scans every few years on some of my patients.
And we see plaque reversal on a regular basis, KENNETH: Isn’t
that wonderful? DON: It’s amazing. I had a patient who had
a heart attack about 20 years ago and he was seeing his
cardiologist and his cardiologist showed him. He
says, “Now you got 75% blockage in that artery. I could put a
stent in it or I could wait.” He said, “Well, I’m going to wait.”
And so he had been seeing me. I put him on my anti-inflammatory
diet, later on the keto zone Diet and put them on these
anti-inflammatory nutrients. I started him on intermittent
fasting. I started him on an exercise program. I started him
on all the key things, speaking the Word. Well, about 15 years
later, he started having chest pain again, went to his doctor.
He said, “We got to check, we got to do a heart cath on you.”
Did a heart cath expecting to see 100-99% blockage. And he
came back to him and he says, “You gotta come see this.” He
had the film. He says, “Now I have your old one from 15/20
years ago. I want to show you this. Now look in that artery,
there’s 75% blockage in that artery. Now look at the new one.
25%.” KENNETH: Praise God. DON: And he said, “I have never,” the
cardio, “I had never seen this before.” KENNETH: Three quarters
of it gone. DON: Now again, when we start this, church, it works.
We reverse plaque. Another key piece that I said that I loved
now is this MK7. I missed that for years. I, he didn’t have it.
He didn’t have that. Now we have, see every year I’m
learning new pieces of this puzzle. I don’t have all the
answers I’m learning, but I’m telling you very few things are
as powerful as the keto zone diet, as the hormone zone get
in, and thyroid, oh my goodness, natural thyroid. It reverses,
it helps reverse plaque in a lot of my patients. I see it because
it heats your system up. According to Doctor Broda
Barnes, probably the top thyroid doctor in the world and I
encourage patients to read about Dr Broda Barnes. Amazing. Doctor
Broda Barnes says as many as 40% of the population has low
thyroid, but only the medical community only recognizes 4.6%
but according to Dr Broda Barnes, one of the key reasons
why we’re seeing so much plaque and heart disease is suboptimal
and low thyroid. KENNETH: Yeah. DON: So when we get that thyroid
bolstered up and optimized, it’s amazing how the body starts to
burn that plaque. KENNETH: I want to add this too. These are
not drugs. DON: This is natural. KENNETH: Testosterone is not a
drug. DON: It’s a vital hormone. KENNETH: Estrogen is not a drug.
Thyroid, not a drug. Now you have to have a prescription to
get it- DON: But you can’t use Synthroid, or levothyroxine. You
got to use the active form. That’s why you don’t see the
plaque reversal because doctors, 99%, I’d say use the inactive
form. KENNETH: The devil will pull any kind of a thing
he can to keep you on that other track because
that’s what he does, steal, kill and destroy. And
particularly Holy Spirit filled healing, believing Christians,
“Well, you know, I just don’t want to, I don’t
want to get off. I don’t want any of those Staten drugs.
I don’t want any kind of drugs and I don’t,” Well, “Hey, what
about supplement?” “Well, yeah, supplements are alright.” Well,
if that’s what thyroid is, that’s what testosterone is, a
supplement. And it is a necessary thing to the health of
the physical body and the brain. DON: Especially if you’re going
to live to be one 120. If you want to live to be 70, you know,
that’s okay. You don’t have to do, if you’re happy with 70,
don’t even go there. Okay. KENNETH: I want to tell you
something. I just found out just a few weeks ago, couple of
months ago. I tell you, I love the Jewish community. I found
out that they take the 90th Psalm of three score and ten
four score by strength in the desert and all that, they say,
“Okay. Now if 70 is the end, … and then 80 yeah, okay. If 70 is
the end, then at 83 I’m 13.” This is real, they say, “We can
Bar Mitzvah again.” DON: That’s interesting. KENNETH: I’m only
13 and they’re serious about this. “I’m only 13 I can Bar
Mitzvah again because I’m going on.” MARY: Oh that’s great.
KENNETH: Isn’t that good? DON: Wow. That is good. But you know
the life expectancy in the U.S., you know what it is church? 78.8
and so many people say that’s all I care to live, 78.8 that’s
my goal. That’s my expectancy. And if you expect it, that’s
what you’ll get. MARY: So many are living in pain. KENNETH:
Well that’s true. DON: But let’s talk about pain, pain, pain.
Let’s talk about arthritis. Let’s talk about chronic pain. I
see this every day in my practice, what I do for pain, we
have the most amazing pain control program without any
meds. I am the only doc I know that uses, and again, I’m not
bragging or anything and I don’t need more patients, but what I’m
saying is we clear most pain up with a natural program because
when we put our patients on the keto zone diet, we remove, plant
based keto zone, we’re moved most of the inflammatory foods.
Do you know when most arthritis patients with arthritis in their
fingers, especially in their hands, they’re highly sensitive
to night shades, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant,
Paprika. And when you cut those out with, many times dairy, the
joint pains go. KENNETH: You remember what I was so sensitive
to was corn. DON: Yeah. Corn is another big one. KENNETH: That
had to go. DON: But you know, with the plant based keto we
eliminate those. KENNETH: And by saying sensitive, that in, your
and my language, that means we are allergic to it. DON: Yeah,
it’s inflammatory to you, it creates inflammation. KENNETH:
And, well go back 40 years. My elbow, joint started hurting me
and that’s where they just- DON: Man that’s coffee. KENNETH: And,
you stole my thunder. MARY: He does that. KENNETH: He does
that, doesn’t he Mary? MARY: He does do that. DON: I know his
history a lot. I know his history. KENNETH: You know why
he knows that? Because I told him. Anyway, like I told you
last week, we’ve been around together for over 35 year. Amen.
Anyway, I said three days, decided to just fast and pray
for the wisdom of God. And the Lord said to me, he said,
“You’re, you’ve, you’ve sorely abused it, way too much of it,
particularly back in the days when I was flying and a lot.”
And he said “The, the tar and the acid in that, in that bean,
building up in my elbow joints.” So that’s when he taught me how
to get rid of it. I had this old ugly green bag. I go and I
carried that nasty looking thing everywhere. And it had our
Faberware, coffee pot in it, and my big can of Folgers and all in
there. DON: But for coffee lovers and, and again, I love
coffee, but I use alkaline water because it’s so acidic. Some of
my patients do get arthritis from coffee, but because it’s
not made with alkaline water, so just use alkaline water with it.
KENNETH: And don’t abuse it. DON: Yeah. Don’t abuse it,
moderation. KENNETH: You don’t need to be drinking 18 cups a
day. DON: A couple of cups a day is fine. Let me tell you the
most powerful thing for pain. Who wants to know the most
powerful thing I’ve found? One of the most powerful
anti-inflammatories I’ve ever found is optimizing your
testosterone. It lowers inflammation in your body. It
lowers the C reactive protein when you optimize that. KENNETH:
Now go back to that, as we were talking earlier, I’m totally
convinced that my testosterone level was low all my life. MARY:
I do to. DON: Probably right. KENNETH: And it’s one of the
reasons I’m, I fought gaining weight just with, yes, so hard
and heavy, but … man, nobody knew these things back then.
MARY: That’s right. DON: They didn’t. KENNETH: I’m shaking,
I’d never thought this my life till right then, had my
testosterone level been, where it should have been, I wouldn’t
have been drinking that much coffee. MARY: That’s exactly
right. DON: You’re right. MARY: You were looking for energy.
DON: Back in the 1940s the limit or the range of testosterone,
the high normal was 2,500 now I’ve had one patient and 35
years that had a testosterone level of 2,500 and this guy was
in his late 40’s and he said he had no problems, no pains,
nothing. And he literally could go in just a couple hours sleep
and he was like a superman. When your levels that high, it’s like
are super athletes, but now normal has decreased and they
keep lowering it down to where now it’s 264 by the way, if your
level’s 264, 265 you’re going to feel horrible- MARY: You’re a
couch potato. DON: To 900- KENNETH: Yeah take my word for
it. DON: To 916, so in other words, they have broaden the
range so much that the majority of men will fall in that range
and you’ll go to your doctor and he’ll say, “No, you’re fine.
You’re 275, you’re good. Get outta here. You don’t need
anything.” MARY: In defense to doctors. I have to say this. The
doctors are trapped, right now. They really are trapped between,
I know one doctor who recently here in Texas came to Don and
said, he said, “Doc, I need to get out of this rat race.” He
said, “I’m in this group practice and they have now
assigned somebody to go with me and monitor me with my patients
because they said I’m spending too much time with them.” DON:
And not making enough money. MARY: And not, bringing in his
weight to the group practice and he would spend three or four
minutes with them, but they were angry he was spending that much
time. They wanted to cut it back to like one and a half to two
minutes because that’s all you need to write a script. That’s
all the time you need is to write a script and he is a
godly, God fearing precious man of God, and he has hit the wall.
So let me tell you what’s happening in your medical
community. They are trapped. They’re trapped in this, right?
So what Don’s going to do, we’re going to have a divine health
university, and we’re going to teach the doctors. KENNETH:
The important part here is the health of the people has
to take precedent over the money of the medical
profession. MARY: Amen. DON: Amen. KENNETH:
Praise. Hey Jeremy. JEREMY: Thank you sir. Now
these broadcasts, have been opening our eyes to the path to
divine health and we just heard steps to prevent or reverse
heart disease. Did you catch that? Men and women of God,
especially living out their full days can have a significant
impact right here and now in our world. And it’s
time for the church to get healthy and be
strong in Jesus name. ANNOUNCER: We hope you
enjoyed today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.


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  2. Pray for my uncle Dave… He has just been diagnosed with spinal cancer that was seen during the MRI after he had broken his L1 vertibre in his back while working. He cannot currently get out of bed with his own strength and with help yells in pain repetitively. He gets about 3 hours of sleep per night due to his pain.

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