ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor VS LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor Review How To Tutorial

ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor VS LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor Review   How To Tutorial

Hey do you guys have time for a short
review all right today we’re gonna be reviewing a health and beauty type item
this is the rely on blood pressure cuff this is something that I found at
Walmart in the clearance section for $5.00 I’m not sure why it was only $5 I
don’t know if it has something to do with performance I have not researched
this thing maybe it had just been on the shelf for too long maybe somebody bought
this and left a stink on it and then returned it let’s hope that’s not the
case but for whatever reason it was only five dollars and I’m gonna be reviewing
it today and I’m gonna test it out next to my current blood-pressure machine
that I use I’ve got a just another little like chronic one and this one’s a
little bit different from that one dose all testing out side by side and you
know we’ll compare the readings on both of them and just see how this one
measures up my other one I think it’s pretty accurate but who knows it seems
to be accurate as compared to like the ones in the grocery stores and even at
the doctor’s office when they test it so unless you know you have white-coat
syndrome and then it goes up a little bit when you’re actually in the doctor’s
office and that has happened to me before but not to a dangerous level or
to anything to be alarmed about they’ve told me so anyway let’s get started
let’s unbox this rely on blood pressure cuff and check it out whoa is this thing Wireless no it looks
like there’s the plug-in hole no there’s no pump in there
so I’m guessing this just goes directly it just hooks directly into the so I’m
guessing this just hooks directly into the machine itself I don’t see any kind
of oh yeah this goes right in there so I don’t see any kind of a pipe anywhere so
this thing must automatically type itself the air must come out I just have
a little compressor in it or something that fills up the blood pressure okay so
I know this thing I know that when you operate one of these things this is
supposed to be in like a straight line it looks like there’s a Quick Start
Guide on here this made out of plastic so
we’re out it just tells people how to operate this device and it says mixture
cough tube is securely connected to the monitor which it is now it says slide
arm the cuff until the bottom edge is about a half inch above the elbow
tighten the cap until it is snug against your arm but not too tight push the
start button sounds pretty simple and then we have it in it looks like
espagnole on the back here so I’m not going to attempt to read that but I will
show it to you just in case we have any Spanish readers here and they can check
that out there’s the instructions in Spanish my other ones got an old
fashioned pump on it but it it does hook up to an electronic monitor similar to
this and the back slides off easily and now and let’s say it does require all
four of these max’ll batteries and I’m very glad that it came with these
batteries so that’s a big bonus we know most products nowadays don’t come with
batteries usually says batteries not included so this is a big herd of beat
sounds like we got some electronic action get away from me
alright so we got the backing on it now actually kind of afraid to fuck this
thing without you know my arm in it I don’t know if this thing would like try
to pressure itself to death or not so let’s get this thing testing and see how
it does alright so I made an adjustment here and
I got it a lot tighter on my arm it’s really hard to tell from the video but
I’ve got it on my arm pretty tight now it seems to be just let you look at the
screen so we’ve got 121 over 78
blood pressure is normally supposed to be what 120 over 80 so 120 over 78
that’s pretty normal and we’ve got a pulse I think that’s what it’s trying to
say the blood pressure looks like it might be pretty accurate so we’ll give
it another test well test out my eye watch and see what the heart rate says
in it while we’re testing this and you know okay so now we’re gonna test out my
other blood pressure monitor my old one this is a life source brand and it’s a
little bit different mechanism but I think it kind of works similar and I’ll
just let you take a look at it we’ll test it out you know see what the blood
pressure and pulse say on it and then like I said we’ll also check out my
Apple watch I keep calling than I watched but it’s actually called the
Apple watch and I’m not sure what the difference is a name while we have Apple
watch and an iPhone so anyway I’ll be using my Apple watch also to test the
heart rate monitor just to see how all three of them compare you know
side-by-side so here we go I’m going to show you the life source machine and
then we’ll test my blood pressure all day so here’s the life source machine so
and I’ll give you a workout probably raise your blood pressure
see there starts off at zero so I could pump this up until it makes a noise
though bell goes off and then remember okay so this is saying my blood pressure
is 90 800-53 and my pulse is 97 so it’s similar to that one so that all says
anyway that 100 and I have to admit I haven’t kind of relaxed because started
doing this I’m just kind of irate and got this and then did it and it’s kind
of similar to rely on one you know I was doing all that unboxing and running
around and set now immediately and took my blood pressure so I’ll give myself a
little bit of a rest and we’ll test it again here real quick don’t go fighting
just to see if the pulse goes down at all and also test my boss like I said on
the Apple watch here – alright so I’ve got the Apple watch one good and tight
not super tight but you know loose enough that it’s comfortable but at the
same time it’s tight enough that it should be able to read anything so I’ll
get started on testing my pulse with this button this says my false is at 95 right now 93 96 all right so once again I have to rely
on machine on me and we’re gonna test it out
all right so we got started pumping up my arm you can hear in streams
raising the pressure and this is a heart rate of 97 and a
blood pressure of 112 over 79 alright so we’ll check out the life source one more
time and then that’ll conclude the review we just want to see you know a
good comparison and so far it’s a good comparison between the two of them and
the Apple watch as far as the heart rate goes all right so I’ve got the life
source going again and I’m gonna get my workout by pumping this sucker up and scaling us a blood pressure reading
of 108 over 66 and it’s telling us that my policy is 92 so it’s I think it’s
accurate I think they’re both you know just you know slightly off a little bit
different I’ve had this life source machine for a number of years and
actually see it’s kind of stained it’s an older one I’ve had it for probably 10
years maybe maybe longer I don’t know but seems to be working still good this
is a brand new machines final analysis here on this rely on blood blood
pressure cath blood pressure machine whatever you want to call it tester I
think this is a really good product I can’t believe I found it for 5 bucks in
the bargain bin at Walmart brand new I’ve never been used rely on brand I
think we’ve all probably heard of it it works just fine came with batteries oops
accidentally turned it on came with its own batteries and everything the 5 bucks
is almost worth before Maxell batteries that came in it so I feel like I got a
bargain here and I will try to find this and post a link to one of these down in
the description and if I do it’ll probably be on Amazon it probably won’t
be as cheap as this one but at least you’ll know how to get one of these if
you would like to get one of these because they are pretty accurate and
like I said I’ve test I test my blood pressure when I go to like grocery
stores and stuff like that and it’s always pretty much the same as it was on
this rely on machine and the life source machine that I used tonight too and like
I said I’ve had this live source machine for a long time and it’s always been
accurate in comparison to like the grocery store or even the doctor’s
office everyone smell if I go to the doctor
it’s a little bit higher than that just barely and I think that has just to do
with like walking right in there and setting
and you know just kind of the excitement of different surroundings but it’s
pretty accurate it’s it’s very similar to what it is on these machines and so I
think this rely on machines very good and if you can still find one of these
old life source machines these these are pretty good too so I like my life source
but it is a hand pump like I showed you and the rely on is pretty awesome
because it pumps itself up so you just push the button and it just takes off
there’s no pumping I think sometimes when you’re doing the pumping action if
you’re having to do it yourself which I do post the time whatever I’m at which I
do most of the time whatever I’m testing my blood pressure you know that might
you know raise your heart rate and your blood pressure a little bit you know
giving yourself a little bit of a puff workout there I don’t know I don’t know
you know if that’s something you should or shouldn’t be doing I know you’re not
supposed to talk while you’re doing your blood pressure and you’re not supposed
to move around and you’re supposedly not supposed to have your legs crossed
I had a friend that’s into health and fitness and he was telling me the exact
way to do your blood pressure because he studied that in college so anyway long
story short I really like this rely on blood pressure machine I think it did a
good job and so as far as this review go read so as far as this review goes I
think we’ve got another winner here and if you’ve enjoyed my video tonight
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always remember to never lose focus and follow your dreams god bless and until
we meet again


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