Provide Support to Help Lower Blood Pressure

Provide Support to Help Lower Blood Pressure

(heart beat) (inspiring orchestration) – Sponsoring this program is
an opportunity to get involved in a program that is
showing some great promise in our community in helping
us to prevent and manage one of the primary reasons
for death in our country, which is cardiovascular disease. So by donating blood pressure monitors, you can help a participant be able to track their progress in
achieving their goal. By providing funding, you
can help local churches establish programs like the Nutritional Healthy Eating
Cookoff that was done at one of our participating churches. By getting involved we
can, provide incentives for volunteers to serve as mentors, which is the very heart of the program. – As I continue with
the program, I realize, that the benefits from this
program, changed my lifestyle. It wasn’t a gimmick, it wasn’t a game, or something to do for a few weeks. It has become ingrained and a part of me to the point that I must check myself to make sure that I’m
continuously doing what I must do to live a productive life. – Getting our community to a
place where we’re healthier and we live longer is not
just the responsibility of the patient, it’s not
just the responsibility of the heath system. It takes the entire community. Including those people
that can provide the time for the program, as well as funding and equipment for the program. So get involved. – The American Heart
Association looks forward to partnering with you to make lasting and sustainable changes
to help in our community. Our programs are designed to lead to real and lasting change for individuals, thus improving the health
overall in the community. We emphasize the importance
of individual behavior change, and also changing the communities that these individuals are in. – Join the Check, Change,
Control Program today.

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