Partnering in the Fight against Heart Disease

A-fib is a leading cause of stroke and we
are really thrilled that PCORI and the American Heart Association have joined together in
a $5 million project to develop the information and tools to help patients who are facing
this disease make the best decision about what treatment course to follow. This project will provide clinicians with
the tools they need to have a discussion with patients about the risks, the benefits of
the various options they have, so they choose the one that best fits their needs. Also, PCORI is working with the American Heart
Association on a project that will help determine whether our “Get with the Guidelines” program,
which provides protocols for doctors when they’re treating patients for heart failure
and releasing them from the hospital, will help ascertain whether those protocols really
do reduce readmission rates and result in better outcomes for patients. The goal of all of these projects is to create
patient-centered solutions that can improve their health outcomes. The American Heart Association totally supports
this work in research. We know its value, and will continue to be
big supporters of PCORI as we move forward.

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