What Are The Treatments and Prevention of Lymphoma?

welcome to my channel health for you Treatments and prevention of Lymphoma A number of treatment options are used against lymphoma, many of which are common to other types of cancer. While statis-tics cannot predict the success of an individual person’s treatment plan, which depends on numerous factors, including the stage of the cancer, the figures do show good overall […]

Your voice can predict your heart attack risk

Voice is telling us a lot about any person. About his mood, about his personality. For example, if I am in love I’m talking like that. If I’m commanding, I’m talking like that. If I’m very conservative, I’m talking like that. That’s the way that you can understand something about the personality. However, there is also a mood, and a […]

cure or reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes, by the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center Dr Nick Delgado

Interviewer: All three have considered radical surgery but rejected it in favor of a last gamble at restoring their lives through diet and exercise. They had heard about a place out in California called the Longevity Center of Santa Monica that claimed to be able to do just that. It�s a form of treatment that the medical establishment is dubious […]

Can big data attack heart disease? (4 Dec 2014)

Good afternoon, everybody and welcome to this term’s last Lunch Hour Lecture, which is entitled Can Big Data Attack Heart Disease? The lecturer today is Professor Harry Hemingway whose first degrees were at Cambridge and he’s been at UC a good time and is now the director of the Farr Institute of Health Informatics, which is a wonderful institute which […]

Top 15 Foods To Eat For Lower and Control High Blood Pressure

1. Strawberry. Potassium is an inevitable substance used to reduce the high blood pressure and the hardening of arteries. Fortunately, strawberries are a rich source of this chemical element, which makes it a perfect choice for dealing with hypertension. Besides, the magnesium content also contributes to the reduction of blood pressure in the body and improvement of blood flow and […]

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Advanced Accuracy Overview

Its your most important organ. Still one in three people suffer from high blood pressure also known as Hypertension. That’s why it’s important to monitor regularly to see where you stand. Omron’s blood pressure monitors are recognized and certified as some of the most accurate available to consumers. Omron now offers more precise readings than ever with its new Advanced […]

Longevity secret from Greece! Blood and lymph cleansing, hypertension and ? Health & Wellness

A recipe that can cure 20 diseases This remedy is about 3000 years old. With it, you can cure hypertension, cleanse the blood, prevent cancer, get rid of arrhythmias and other diseases. This simple and surprisingly effective remedy consists of only two ingredients. And we strongly recommend cooking it and consuming it regularly. And even children will like it. It […]