Surviving a Heart Attack When Alone

What to do when you are alone and have a heart attack? AND have a heart attack? 1.Try not to panic. 2.Call for an ambulance or your neighbors using a phone. 3.Chew on a tablet of Isosorbide Dinitrate and keep it under your tongue. 4.Open your door and wait for help to arrive. 5.Avoid climbing stairs or walking. Need to […]

The Vegan Diet – The Vegan Diet explained

welcome to healthy how to’s YouTube channel before we get started be sure to subscribe to the channel now let’s get on with the video the vegan diet explained the vegan diet has become very popular increasingly more people have decided to go vegan for ethical environmental or health reasons when done right such a diet may result in various […]

Michael Kraus, MD, Podcast | ESRD NCC

Hello and thank you for joining us today for one of three podcasts about home dialysis. Today, our special guest is Dr. Michael Kraus, who is going to share about his role as a doctor in helping people choose home dialysis based on their lifestyle and offer some advice he has for other physicians who are in a position to […]

ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो गले का केंसर है | If you see these symptoms understand Esophagea l Cancer

If you see these symptoms, understand Esophageal Cancer • The esophagus that is carrying the food from the throat to the stomach is called • Difficulty swallowing is considered to be a common symptom of this disease. • There is also a symptom of pain between the chest and the pescillosis. • Weight loss without any reason is caused by […]

The Answers On Sex And Heart Disease

Sex is a delicate topic and without a doubt it’s a topic that we all have heard of either in secret or either outright but it’s something that we don’t usually talk about in public, so in this video, we’re gonna be emphasising on the answers on sex and heart disease, coming right up. Hey y’all Aman here and you’re […]