Folate, Folinic Acid & Folic Acid

In our series on folate, we have discussed some of the options. Folate versus folic acid, and there’s even a folinic acid. Now, what are the differences? You’ll hear on the internet docs talking about folic acid is not a substitute. However, you go to the CDC and some of these other places, they tend to just lump folic acid […]

التهابات الجيوب الأنفية.. الأسباب وطرق الوقاية والعلاج|علاج الجيوب الأنفية بدون جراحة | لازم تعرف

You must know, what is Chronic sinusitis And how to deal with the symptoms KOS (Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation) device and mechanism of action which can delay the surgery process.wait for me Hello everybody , I am Hussein Lotfi BCPS and you are watching Octopuspharmacist channel Episode every Tuesday ( You must know). Welcome with you In this video we will […]

What is bacterial vaginosis? | Infectious diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] Bacterial vaginosis is a disease that’s caused by the overgrowth of a type of bacteria that’s called Gardnerella vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis. And as the name might suggest, this is the most common vaginal infection. Now I wanna put these really big quotes around the term infection because the thing that’s interesting about Gardnerella vaginalis is that it’s a […]

Heart Attack Horror Game | Cardiac Gameplay

Okay today Your boy today your voice thumb with across the game write the title itself got me interested Alright now my beautiful beautiful shinobi you guys already know how your boys will horror games with this So what a picky sort of picking. All right, just just a little bit. It was used to be walking music on a […]

Wynton Rufer recovering from heart attack

Wynton Rufer has confirmed that he suffered a mild heart attack and is currently recovering. Ngati Porou’s Oceania’s Player of the Century is widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s greatest ever footballers. Rufer suffered the heart attack after attending the New Zealand Breakers match in Auckland on Sunday. Rufer says he will be in recovery for approximately 6 weeks.

5 Phrases That Chronic Liars Use To Deceive:

Chances are you probably know someone who you consider to be a liar. This person may make up large, elaborate lies or may fib about small, trivial details. No matter what the situation, it’s hard to trust people like this. It’s also hard to separate the truth from the lies. There are, however, a few key phrases that chronic liars […]

Chronic Lyme disease eradicated

[Music] I was bitten by ticks in Australia in 1998. And I had a really bad health crash in 2012 to the point where I was pretty much bedridden. My adrenal glands were severely affected. My digestive system, my endocrine system, my nervous system, Lyme attacks pretty much every single system of the entire body. And because I’d had it […]