The Paw Report, Episode 611 – Heart Disease

[music plays] Kelly Runyon: Veterinarians say heart disease in dogs is common and can be caused by several factors. On this episode of the paw report, we’re joined by veterinary cardiologist Dr. Ryan Fries from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching hospital. Dr. Fries will help us recognize the signs of heart problems in dogs, causes, and various treatment options. […]

Week 3 Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood pressure is mainly affected by cardiac output and total peripheral resistance. Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped from the heart per minute. Cardiac output is the amount of blood ejected by the ventricle times (which is the stroke volume) multiplied times the heart rate (contractions per minute). An increase in HR will increase CO if the SV […]

Boy Playing PUBG Game Dies of Heart Attack

Furkan Quereshi was 16 years old. He was from from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. His family and relatives had gone out for a marriage. After having his lunch, he started playing PUBG. He was addicted to this game and played for 6 hours straight. His sister was sitting next to him and encouraging him. He was very excited and suddenly shouted, […]

Dr. Jennifer Ashton- Heart Disease Symptoms in Women

The heart attack symptom may not be the classic crushing chest pain in a woman. So what is it? Shortness of breath, fatigue, flu like feeling. Guess what a woman is told when she gets those feelings. You’re overworked. You’re having a little anxiety. You’re under stress. And then the treatment should be different. So if you really connect the […]