Only one ingredient for Your Blood Pressure Will Be Better Than Ever – Healthy Heart

Only one ingredient for Your Blood Pressure Will Be Better Than Ever – Healthy Heart

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That breadfruit can be the solution to stop global hunger, probably many of you know.
But did you know, that the leaves of this tree are a potent alternative medicine for many diseases?
Not only the fruit, the leaf also has many health benefits.
Asian people use the leaves to make tea to cure diseases.
Breadfruit leaf contain substances such as essential amino acids, riboflavin, hydrocyanate, acetylcholine, tannin and polyphenols. useful to fight against the source of dangerous diseases such as kidney, uric acid until diabetes.
Moreover, the modern studies find the fact that the chemical composition of breadfruit leaves is very useful for the healing process of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure.
Heart diseases can be caused by many factors, such as complications of hypertension, diabetes, or kidney failure. Moreover, bad metabolism pattern of the body can form plaques in blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders.
Breadfruit leaves contain Potassium, which has big role of destroying kidney stones by diluting the stones so it can be eliminated through urine.
Drinking breadfruit leaf tea can lower cholesterol level, by taking away cholesterol from the blood and eliminate it through urine and waste.
The compounds in breadfruit leaf make blood pressure become normal and promote better bloodstream. By consuming the breadfruit leaf tea for long time, we can maintain healthy heart.
To prepare the breadfruit leaves tea you should use only dark green leaves picked from tree.
Do not use the leaves with lots of holes, dirty, uneven colors.
Wash very well the leaves and put to dry on sun.
When the leaves are dry, crush them.
Use 2 tablespoon of crushed breadfruit leaves to 2 liters of water.
Boil the water and the 2 tablespoon of crushed breadfruit leaves in a ceramic pan.
Do not use aluminum pan because active substance from breadfruit react with this and is very harmful for your health. Boiling water until the water is half.
Boil with enough enough water until dark red.
Add water again until it reaches 2 liters’ liquid. Then stop the fire and let it to cooled.
From this tea should drink a cup daily. Consume the tea daily. Store the excess tea in the fridge. Add honey, stevia or brown sugar to get rid of the bitterness.
In order for the efficacy and benefits contained in this herb leaves can be absorbed by the maximum body and to avoid the side effects of poisoning that are harmful to health following the correct way of processing breadfruit leaves from the material selection process, drying until boiling process.
Be careful, the breadfruit tea contain camphor and in large doses of camphor could cause major health health challenges.
Also, Breadfruit Leaf Tea should not be used by woman who are pregnant or children.
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  1. You talk an talk about everything under the sun and you never tell us what the name of the leaf is .. you are allfull

  2. Good day to all, breadfruit trees can be found in tropical countries, it's plentiful here in Jamaica. I'm gonna get some now, l have a tree in my back yard.

  3. Some body please tell what the lady use to grind leaf to power I want …please please some body tell if you know, also where can I get one

  4. My grandma use to use this leave to tie on her head. She would wrap the leave in her head n use her hair tie to hold it in place, she had high blood pressure.

  5. I have two of these tree's behind my property i enjoy the bread fruit it makes for excellent salads, seafood's and casseroles .but i hate cleaning all the leaves when they fall since they are so large. May be i will try this, thx for the vid

  6. I'm trying breadfruit tea for the first time. My parents use up 24 pills per day to control their blood pressure and the side effects are scary. I will write back after trying breadfruit leaf tea

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