Omron BP760 7 Series Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP760 7 Series Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Welcome to this review of the Omron BP760
Blood Pressure Monitor. The Omron BP760 is one of a new generation
of blood pressure monitors from Omron and comes from their mid-range or 7 series monitors
which, as the name might suggest, offer 7 main benefits to users. This monitor includes Omron’s patented pre-formed
ComFit cuff which has been specifically designed to fit both average and large sized arms and
to provide comfort while also giving accurate readings. The BP760 also includes an indicator which
will confirm that you have the cuff positioned correctly on your arm. Another piece of advanced technology from
Omron, known as ‘Advanced Averaging’, provides added accuracy by allowing you to display
the average of 3 readings taken within a 10 minute period. Irregular heartbeat monitoring also operates
while your pressure is being taken and an indicator icon will alert you if an irregular
heartbeat is detected. In addition to the normal numerical readings,
the BP760 also includes a blood pressure level indicator which allows you to see at a glance
how your own pressure compares to internationally recognized blood pressure guidelines. Up to 60 readings can be stored within the
monitor’s memory (30 readings for each of two users) and these date and time stamped
readings can be reviewed at the touch of a button. Finally, for convenience this monitor can
be run on either batteries or mains electricity using the included AC adaptor. So, what do customers have to say about the
Omron BP760? This is a popular blood pressure monitor with
a lot of customer feedback showing that more than 85% of buyers are more than satisfied
with their purchase. Most buyers like the fact that it is easy
to use and that the ComFit cuff allows the vast majority of customers to use it without
any assistance. Many buyers comment that, once the cuff has
been correctly adjusted for the first time, it can simply be slipped on and off without
needing to fiddle with the Velcro fastening. A large number of buyers also comment on the
fact that this unit is very accurate and that its readings are more often than not in line
with those received at the doctor’s office. Finally, most buyers find that the unit’s
large screen display is very easy to read. The only downsides for one or two buyers are
the fact that the memory storage facility of this unit is quite limited and that it
does not average morning and evening readings as some other monitors in the Omron range
do. While this monitor may not have all the bells
and whistles included with Omron’s top-of-the-range series 10 monitors, this is an excellent mid-range
model from a company with a world-wide reputation for quality when it comes to healthcare equipment. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use
and accurate monitor and don’t need the fancy ‘bells and whistles’ then take a good look
at the Omron BP760 blood pressure monitor.


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