Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Advanced Accuracy Overview

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Advanced Accuracy Overview

Its your most important organ. Still one in three people suffer from high
blood pressure also known as Hypertension. That’s why it’s important to monitor
regularly to see where you stand. Omron’s blood pressure monitors are recognized and certified as some of the most accurate available to consumers. Omron now offers more precise readings than ever with its new Advanced Accuracy. By capturing five times more data points, interferences such as breathing and movement can be reduced to help provide more consistent and precise readings. Improper cuff placement can reduce the accuracy of a reading. Omron premium units include the easy Wrap ComFit cuff, designed with complete arm circumference inflation to help avoid incorrect Cuff positioning.
accuracy matters Accuracy matters, especially when it comes to your blood pressure. With Omron’s Advanced Accuracy blood pressure monitors, trust you’ll get an accurate reading every time.


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