Nellie has a breakthrough on DMT | Drugslab

Nellie has a breakthrough on DMT | Drugslab

It has to sink in a little. A lot of colours. Little men with pointed hats. Yes, a whole bunch of cats. I was travelling all the time,
to all kinds of places. Hi, I’m Nellie.
-And I’m Rens. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. The lab where we try drugs for you
so you don’t have to. If you’re curious about a drug, let us
know in the comments. And today… is a very special day.
-Darn it. If you wonder why I have
such a big grin on my face… it’s because we’re going to do DMT.
-Yes, or we… This lady. I think that many people are like:
Finally. But we have a reason for that. It’s quite
something. It’s a really intense trip drug. And you have to treat it
as a bit of a spiritual drug. You have to prepare yourself very well. You can’t just say:
I’m going to do some DMT this afternoon. The trip only lasts a quarter of an hour,
but what you experience during that time… and see and feel
is really incomparable. Not something to do on your own. But today I will do so. But you prepared well.
-Absolutely. I’m sorry we let you wait so long,
but today is the day. You’re going to do it.
-I am. Yeah-yeah, this is the DMT.
I’d never seen it before. It’s a bit of a light-yellow
crystalline powder, and… It doesn’t smell like anything. The active substance in DMT
is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. The function of DMT
is not really known yet. It could play a role
in near-death experiences… schizophrenia
and very visual dreaming. But what it’s really for
is the stuff of rumours. It does occur everywhere in nature. In people, animals, plants and trees.
Things like that. And the hypothesis is that
when you’re born and when you die… there’s a larger amount of DMT
in your body. That’s why people often compare it
to a near-death experience… because you really go through a tunnel,
on the other end of which lies the DMT city. As with all drugs,
everyone experiences it differently. You can snort DMT, but that’s not very
common, so you’re going to smoke it. But if you smoke it with a regular pipe,
you may burn the DMT with the flame… in which case you lose active substance
and the effect will be smaller. That’s why they came up
with a vaporizer pipe. Prepping the vaporizer
is already a bit of a ritual. First you remove the ceramic filter.
Then you put several screens inside. On top of that
you put the tobacco substitute. We have hazel leaf
with eucalyptus, mint and papaya. Then you sprinkle the DMT on top
and put the filter back on. Because of the filter you heat the DMT
instead of burning it. Just before it evaporates, it turns liquid
and mixes with the tobacco substitute. So it doesn’t trickle down,
which you don’t want. Then it becomes a vapour,
and that vapour you inhale. And then you enter another world. A dosage of DMT is between 25-50 mg. You’re likely to go through
different phases. And the first phase
is visually very extreme. So you’ll be like: Holy fuck.
But you still have your own identity. Then, just before the breakthrough,
you’re really in two worlds. Most people don’t enjoy that experience,
because you’re partly in this world… but partly pulled
into that other world already. But if you go through that and pass
through that tunnel to that other world… The breakthrough.
-Then you’re somewhere else… where time doesn’t play a role anymore,
nor space. And then you get the ego death.
-And if you’ve gone through that… you completely lose your identity
and become one with everything… one with the universe…
-I can’t imagine what that’s like. Neither can I.
-But I’m really curious. I’m going to take 30 mg.
Who knows, maybe I’ll get a breakthrough. But the setting is extremely important. And behind a desk, on a stool…
-Is not very comfortable. No, not convenient. We’re going to transform this place
into a spiritual den. Gee, this is nice.
-A super Zen place. With some incense.
And we have a trip sitter. He has already blessed the vaporizer
and the DMT with palo santo. A lovely little ritual. Besides the mental aspects,
the tripping and the euphoric feeling… there can also be physical effects.
-You can get nauseous. Your stomach may feel queasy,
your heart rate goes up. And your blood pressure goes up.
-And your body temperature. Your heart rate is up a little already. You hear a lot of positive stories, but you
also read about people who get paranoid. I’m just going to let it happen. That’s the main thing. Don’t resist it,
just go along with the trip. And the setting is nice, the atmosphere,
the people. I feel really good. Before you can start tripping,
the shaman will smudge you with sage. That’s also part of the ritual,
to protect and cleanse you. This is really intense.
-Yes, is it? But also really wonderful.
-Yes? Did you see nice things?
-Yes. At some point you try to keep inhaling… Everything is heavy.
Very heavy. As if I was somewhere else
and now am really back on earth again. I have to recover a little.
-Of course. It really took an effort to hold it in,
also because I found it so exciting. My breathing was already very high. I had to make such an effort to not… Cough it out? But you did very well.
You held it inside very well. Very quickly you start seeing things. You suddenly enter this… A kind of bubble or something. In which my hand seemed much bigger. And that pipe started acting weird. You see everything double.
I saw that pipe three times. I thought: But I still have to take a toke. I tried to keep my eyes open,
but it was so hectic. The moment I closed my eyes,
I was in a different world. And what did that look like? A whole lot of colours.
Really a whole lot of colours. First I felt really warm.
Really very warm. But a nice warm, all… Now I feel a bit cold.
-Do you feel cold? Then there were so many colours. And also these little figures. Those little men kept talking to me. Little men with pointed hats. Talking in Dutch?
-No, more with expressions. They looked strange, like a little ball
with a face on it and a kind of pointed hat. Then everything became very calm. And then I saw all these pink colours,
pink and purple. And I saw a lot of cats.
-A lot of cats? Yes, but everything was like in a cartoon. It has to sink in a little.
Everything was warm, like a warm blanket. It was as if the whole time I was… Very strange, I was in a kind of space,
but I was being caressed all the time. All these hands or something.
Very strange. It was very colourful.
Really very colourful. Did you get any particular insights?
-Yes, that it’s good the way it is. With respect to life?
-Yes. I feel as if I’ve visited a lot of places,
but very briefly. I wanted to stay all the time,
but I couldn’t. So you went from one to the other?
-Yes. For a moment I also felt I was down here,
but then out on the parking lot. Funny, I still see lights and things
now and then. Just a tiny little bit. How long did this trip feel to you? Like half an hour or something.
-Half an hour? That’s a lot longer. And every now and then
an aggressive thing came towards me. Were you able to steer it?
-Yes, it would go away again. And then it was soft again.
I’m trying to describe them visually. Would you be able to draw them? Are they very distinct?
-Yes, I wouldn’t mind. I think orange is a really ugly colour,
but somehow it totally suits my aura. Is that a colour that really stood out?
-Yes, absolutely. The colours you see there
we don’t even have here on earth. As if even the colours have feeling. Isn’t such a trip just like dreaming?
That’s the impression I get. That it’s like intense dreaming.
-Yes, that’s what it felt like. But I never saw these little men before
in my life, and they were really very real. They were very friendly, but every
now and then one seemed aggressive. What did you see then?
-A whole bunch of cats. Purple cats?
-Purple and pink. And they were very sweet.
A very warm feeling. I didn’t see any people at all. I really feel good. I’m glad they were all sweet cats
and not all nasty little men. Then I saw these kind of combs. First I came here. And this is what goes
through you, but a lot tighter than this. And these cats were really this size,
and they kept coming close to me. And these kind of came up to talk to me. And this world was very pink and soft,
and this one was very shiny but tight. A kind of long tunnel with bright light
and those little men kept coming like: I must say now I see this that it’s a very
watered-down version of my actual trip. You still found it hard to really let go?
-Yes. Why is that, you think?
-Maybe trying to keep control… or because it’s so new. Can you say
you did have that breakthrough? At some point there was this bright light
here that started to flicker. After that it continued
and I went to all these different places. But it went so fast.
It felt like it went so fast. I’d expected to be floating
in the universe. You know, like: But I didn’t.
-Among the stars? Yes, that’s what I expected. But I was travelling to all these places
I’d never been to. So you did have that breakthrough.
But up to the ego death. Very strange. So strange. I wonder if you’ll get any insights
and how you’ll feel the coming days. Because now it doesn’t make any sense.
-No. Fortunately you’ll keep a vlog,
which we’ll watch now. I actually slept very well.
I didn’t dream. I’m still a bit impressed. Just because I can’t fathom it.
It was so short, but also so intense. This is the second day after the DMT.
I’d expected to start dreaming intensely. But again I didn’t dream.
I did wake up a bit emotional. Maybe I still had to process
all kinds of things. I really feel grounded. I really feel
my feet planted firmly on the ground. I’m very calm, although I still see those
little men before me every now and then. I thought it was a nice experience. Are you curious about another drug?
I wonder what you’ll come up with next. Put your thumbs up and subscribe,
and I’ll see you again next week.


  1. Nellie Benner is unbelievably feminine in this video, looks even hotter than in her movies. Looks about 18 too, it’s as if DMT younged her up.

  2. I can play the piano now after dmt. I never knew how to play and now can play anything. Strange ,,,,

  3. I know from experience what a breakthrough is and THIS IS NOT A BREAKTHROUGH. You guys should be more responsible and do more research. Millions of people now have an false view of what a DMT breakthrough REALLY is. A breakthrough would have been LIFECHANGING for Nellie, time would completely disappear and Nellie would have had an experience that took hours or days even in her experience. I've been there, I had access to every secret of life, nothing was hidden from me and all question I had were answered. Also, she would probably have thought she died for real and be completely out of her body. What Nellie experienced was the wormhole to the other dimensions but never took enough to reach the destination. I really hope you re-do it so you can have the REAL experience, you should use a different method of smoking it. There are e-cig vape methods that will get you there in 1 hit

  4. i feel like at lower doses of dmt you see people you talk to because your still have a connection to reality and you want to quantity what you are talking to, to something that you comprehend and then at higher doses you let that go and you just talk to the energy in everything


  6. Tears came to my eyes watcing her blow the smoke out and explaining the experience was such a gift. When you showed the painting tears flowed down my cheeks. Thank you for sharing

  7. I have never seen or heard of anyone being able to take 4-5 hits like that on DMT crystals. You’re gone too fast. This channel is so confusing, I like the idea and hosts but there is so much faulty and dangerous information being spread. If it’s true the Dutch taxpayer is paying for all of the content, they really should demand that the funding is being spent on researched and solid information. Not a bunch of kids taking DXM with AP, “bitter” acid and so on…

  8. I don't think DMT is connected to any alternative being or reality, but simply reveals how we feel about ourselves an about life, people who are naturally sceptical and/or are not happy with their own lives will see this alternative reality when on DMT because that is what they long for, I know I have no idea how she really feels but nellie seems a very happy person, which could be why her trip was very pleased for her and showed her that everything was good

  9. Like a lot of the comments try to pussyfoot around and shit, yeah she's hot and has a cool vibe and I definitely wanna hit it. but like the great Terrence Mckenna said, "psychedelics don't work on stupid people". First of all that dmt was way off purity and she needed to hold the hits. She didn't learn anything useful or introspective from the experience just "yay cats and colors and stuff " like a teenager doing mushrooms for their first time.

  10. guys i never heard this drugs before, is it addictive? and with what can you compare it like weed or crystal meth, coke?

  11. I’ve never done DMT and was wondering if the sense of leaving your body is the same as astral projection? I feel like you can’t control what happens on dmt like you can when astral travelling. Is this correct? I’m curious how the two compare.. I’ve only astral travelled and from what I gather dmt is a lot more intense? If anyone can answer, that would be great 🙂 thank you

  12. I've had DMT, the experience can't really be described with language, it seemed kinda similar to Nellies description, as in life, no matter what is just fine & all is alright was conveyed to me. I didn't encounter any little people, but did enter some sort of huge infinite dome with what seemed to be a huge orb of energy with infinite streams or paths made up of intense multiple colours leading to it from all directions, one of these paths was connected to me. I came to the conclusion that I was part of that energy & all the other streams were other people's streams connected to it & thus connected to eachother. Like it was our source energy & everyone & everything in our known existence is connected to it & shares the same energy. Basically we are all extensions of one & the same being, or force gathering information from different perspectives …
    It was mind blowing.

    In other thoughrs, damnnnn Nellie is an absolutely beautiful woman & seems like such a lovely soul.

  13. Can you guys try scopolamine HBO paid some guy to get some on a vice documentary and then he got scared and flushed it down the toilet without trying


  15. Most powerful drug I ever have took .I was battered for over an hour .I broke through and met arrogant aliens

  16. Pure show off! shame on you for taking advantage of DMT's name to get more visitors, you don't even know that you can't smoke DMT in those pipes! Shame on you for taking advantage of psychedelics

  17. DMT…such a dangerous drug…

    I mean look at how destructive she is before and after. Way too dangerous, man. Class A all the way

  18. i should be glad that decent looking persons are propagating dmt but i am not because these persons do not represent the full extent of the potential to be reached. and so they make it look bad no matter how decently spoken and well dress they present the substance. and so, shame on you for making this video.

  19. Can somebody please tell me where I can get some of this stuff. I live in Ireland and I am willing to travel. I am NOT a cop.

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