Natural Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease / Blockage of Arteries / Gangrene: ParexNaturals

Natural Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease / Blockage of Arteries / Gangrene: ParexNaturals

What is your name? Mohan Lal How old are you? 48 years old Where are you from? Kari-Sari, District Hoshiarpur What problem have you been facing? My legs stopped functioning 5 years ago… Gradually, walking became difficult… Then I got admitted in the hospital… and got a CT scan done in Jalandhar. They told me to go to PGI in Chandigarh. I got admitted there… I was told that my legs had to be amputated. They told you to get your legs amputated? Yes because my legs started drying… and my feet and toes were rotting. I was hesitant in getting my legs amputated… So you did not get the amputation? No Then we came here… To ParexNaturals? Yes, ParexNaturals. I’ve had treatment for two months… Now i’ve began to walk quite well… Now you can walk around? Yes, i can walk.. only a slight problem remains… otherwise, i’m fine. And what about your rotting toes? They are fine too… fine too? except a slight problem with one toe, the rest is fine. how much better do you feel now? About 80% better about 80% ? and 20% remains… (treatment continues) The case of Mr. Mohan Lal is unique… in his case, his abdominal aorta… the main artery which supplies blood to both legs.. had plaque depositions in it. this is why his legs were weak… which became clear in the CT angiography. Despite the doctors advising double amputation, he came to us at ParexNaturals 2 months ago… and we treated him with natural products… his blood supply got restored… Which is evident in how his rotting toes have healed. His toes are functioning… and the muscles in his legs have redeveloped. Now he can walk around and has saved his legs from amputation.


  1. Hello! My son has peripheral artery disease. It's his leg and foot. Just started getting symptoms a couple of days ago. I am very worried about him . What kind of product or herbs do you think he shoud take?

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