“my pleasure”

“my pleasure”

Hi, what can I get for you? Yes, I would like a Chick-fil-A sandwich only the sandwich, no fries, no drink no chicken, no bread, no wrapper, no box only pickles. Ok, here is your receipt, and here is your
order. Thank you, I’m vegan. That’s great. Have a nice day. Ok? No…no…NOOOOOO You have to say my pleasure. Here, let me show you. Hi, thank you for choosing Chick-fil-a, it is a bright day of 117 degrees outside, perfect
day for Chick-fil-a! Our special today is our… Chick-fil-a sandwich! What can I get for you!? I just want mustard. Excellent choice, here’s your mustard! Thank you. My pleasureeeeee! See, okay? Ok, I’ll play the customer, let’s practice. Blenders? No, try again. What? My pleaasssuuuuurree My pleassssuuurrreee Ssh, don’t say that! I wasn’t planning anything. Oh my God, it’s my pleassuuurrreee. My pleasureeee! No, don’t say that. My pleasuuuure My pleasuuuuureee! MY PLEEEEEAAASUUUURE! my PLLLEEEAASSSUUURE!!! OH MY GOD AAAAHHH Excuse me, I have a problem with my order… Yes? Still no picklesssss! Excuse me, I’d like to make an order. Ok, you can do this David, I believe in you. Yeah, can I just have a chicken sandwich. Anything else? No thank you Mmmuh… mmuh…

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