MOVING DAY PRANK! | We Are The Davises

MOVING DAY PRANK! | We Are The Davises

– A little nervous right now. – Can’t do this, you’re crazy! – I got a crazy plan, you wanna tell them? You wanna tell ’em or
you want me to tell ’em? – I can’t do this! – Okay, we wanna get Mommy and Tyler back for that prank on
Tyler’s head at the pool. I need Kayla’s help. She’s a little reluctant. – No, I don’t want to do it, I can’t. – You can do it, you can do it. – No, I’m not good at acting! – Kayla, I need you onboard, baby, gimme. We can do this. We can do this. (rock music) – Hey everyone, it’s Connie and Shawn, and Kayla’s hiding back there. I don’t know where Tyler is. We are just getting started with the whole packing-of-the-house process, and we’re breaking down the set. So, the set will be gone
in just a few minutes. Then we’re gonna put those in boxes, and we’ve got, like, pretty much garbage everywhere right now. If you guys can see down here, all our suitcases are
lined up in the hallway, so we gotta start loading these up. We actually are lucky enough
to have packers coming. So, we just gotta get
everything that we don’t want them to pack and put on a truck put away. And these suitcases, ’cause
we’re gonna take them with us. And the truck’s gonna take two weeks, so we’re gonna be almost camping out after the packers get here. And then, that’s it! So, it’s gonna be kind of crazy today. We’ll try to give you a
sneak peak here and there of what’s going on. The garage is already a big, huge mess. I’ve got stuff pulled out
everywhere in the bedroom. Clothes are all over the couch. There’s trash all over the counters. I mean, pretty much everything and anything’s going on today. So, let’s see how crazy this gets. – Daddy tried to poke the
slime, and he went too slow, and it got stuck all over him. – Yeah, the secret of
slime, you gotta be quick. – (laughing) It doesn’t stick to me. – So that slime’s gonna
disappear, ’cause… – No! Please can I take one? – Well you gotta put it in
your suitcase or something. – Two can I take two? I have two good slimes. I gotta keep something! – That’s her valuable possession
she’s gonna take is slime. – Alright, so I got me and
my baby girl here in the car. We’re packing, as you saw,
Connie just talked about us getting ready to
head out to California. We only got a couple days left. And we’re hungry, so we
had to go to the store and get some lunch. It’s like a late lunch,
about four o’clock right now. But that’s how it goes when
you’re packing, you know? – It’s a linner. – Actually, we were told
we got to put some stuff in the cars before they ship the cars. I dunno if he told you,
we’re gonna fly there, so the cars are getting shipped. So, we’re gonna throw a
couple things in the cars so we have it as soon as we get there. And, yeah, that should
help us so we’re not totally without for two weeks. Anyways, that’s where we’re at. So we got a table in
here and a couple chairs. And, we’re making progress. – [Shawn] And we’re
sweatin’ our brains out. – And it’s really warm. – [Kayla] He’s trying to grab it. He thinks it’s a ball. Buddy, it’s a balloon. It’s so cute ’cause he’s
so excited about it, but I’m so scared he’s gonna pop it. (laughing) (happy pop music) – [Connie] Yay! Alright, this is the five
minutes of doggy fun so far, so I’m just going to hang up here now. – A little nervous right now. – I can’t do this, you’re crazy! – I got a crazy plan. You wanna tell ’em or
you want me to tell ’em? – I can’t do this! – Okay, we still have a whole
bunch of this right here. I wanna get Mommy and Tyler back for that prank on Tyler’s head at the pool. I need Kayla’s help,
she’s a little reluctant. – No, I don’t want to do it! I can’t do it! No! I’m not good at acting! This isn’t my thing! No! I’m gonna ruin it! What am I even supposed to say? – Be like, “Oh my god! Daddy, help!” So, anyways, I’m gonna make a big mess. I’m gonna break something,
I’m gonna pour a bunch of this on the ground, I’m gonna
lay in a big pile of blood. And then Kayla’s gonna freak out. Mommy’s gonna freak out,
Tyler’s gonna freak out. And I’m gonna go, “Ooga-booga!” (laughing) when it’s all said and done. So, Kayla, I need you
onboard, baby, gimme… We can do this, we can
do this, we can do it! (suspenseful music) Okay, I’m gonna smash
this glass right here, because it’s gonna make a big loud noise, and that’s what’s gonna make her come out, ’cause she’s gonna be like,
“What the heck was that?” Like, I’m always breaking
stuff, so she’s probably gonna be really mad until she sees me, then I hope she feels really sad. (laughing) Okay, ready? – [Kayla] I guess. Oh my gosh! Daddy! – Holy crap! What the heck?! Oh my god! Shawn! What the heck, oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! It’s totally pouring out! Where’s the phone! Oh my god! What do you wanna do? Let me see. Can you move? (Shawn groaning) Can you move? Oh my god, oh my god! I feel like I gotta press it on his head. – What’s going on here. – Oh my god, it’s totally bleeding! I can’t even see anything, Shawn! Okay, I’m gonna call, I
need to find that phone. Tyler, Tyler, find a phone! Where’s the phone? Help me! I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know what to do! Oh my god, it’s totally pouring out. I don’t know what to
do, I need to call 911. There’s no phones? Gimme a break! Gimme a freakin’ break! There’s no phone! – Honey, I love you. (laughing) – Okay, that last part was a little silly. That’s creepy! That was mean. What did you break? – Uh, the Freakshakes. You didn’t really need
those again, did you? – No, I guess not. – Well, we can try to glue ’em together. See what they look like over there? – Look at his face! That looks totally disgusting. (Shawn growling) (laughing) Oh my gosh, you guys are horrible. I am freaking shaking. – Do I need any stitches? Like, what do you think? – It looks like you need, it looks like his whole head exploded. – [Kayla] Can’t see it. – How ’bout that? Is that better? – [Connie] That’s disgusting. – Got a good look in there? – That’s so disgusting. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, let’s beat him up! – That really hurts,
that’s hurting for real! – Okay I’m just thankful
that that was not real. But I feel like I’m gonna die now. – And I feel, revenge is at hand! That’s what you get for… – What are you doing just standing there holding the camera anyways, little girl? I woulda dropped that camera on the floor. But, you know what? When stuff like this happens, you’re not paying attention to everything around you. I didn’t even see the glass. All I saw was blood on the floor. I heard the smash, and
that brought me out. But, the fact that there
was a big glob of blood, that’s pretty horrifying. Really bad. – Well, that’s my moving
day prank on Mommy. I love you, baby (laughing). I love you, Kayla-boo! (Connie growling) – I’ve been pranked more than anybody, ’cause I’m, like, super-gullible. So finally I got Mommy good. You okay? – Yeah, it’s just sinking
in, and my heart keeps going through, like, waves of pounding and then it goes flat again. Am I having a heart attack yet? – I think everybody’s been
pranked twice, except for Kayla. – Ooh, Kayla. – The one holding the camera (laughing). – Yeah, no prank for me please! Okay, well, I guess I better
clean all this stuff up. – Thank you, Lord, that that’s not real. – I guess we better
get back to moving now. You think I should just leave it? We have people coming to
help us pick up the cars, so should I leave the blood
on here like we had… “Aw, man, thanks for
showing up, come on in.” – Let’s freak out the car guy. – It’s not as bad when you’re
the guy doing the prank, but when you’re the one getting pranked, that’s pretty freakin’ scary. – Okay, somebody’s head
busted open on the floor. – [Connie] How freaky. – I know, but I saw Tyler… – Get over here, girl. We need to see the devious one. – I haven’t even seen it yet. Oh, man, that looks gnarly. – [Kayla] It’s kinda getting in your eye. – It kinda is getting in my eye, actually. – When I was in my room, all I heard was, I heard a big bang, and
then I heard a crash, and then Mom scream. – Yeah, I saw the chair,
and I thought he fell over, I thought it fell over
’cause he tripped on it, and that’s why he was bleeding. I didn’t even, I heard the crash, but I didn’t see the glass anywhere. Look it, you guys, the glass is like, all the way down the hallway. That’s like, you can’t even see it! There’s like, a bunch of glass! – That’s why we’re moving. Good job, Dad, now you got blood… – Well, we just needed a little turn here, break the tension, it’s
been kinda stressful. You know, with everything going on. So hopefully, (laughing) that helped. Let’s break the tension,
Daddy split his head open! – Yeah, let’s just break the tension. Let’s just kill us off altogether. We don’t even need to worry
about anything else now. Well, at least I still got
one packer left to help me. (laughing) But, we gotta get back to work, you guys. – I gotta get cleaned up here. – Pranked. Ha-ha, well done. – So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this video with your friends and family. Until next time… – [Everyone] Bye!

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