Lower Blood Pressure Quickly, Cheaply and Naturally

Lower Blood Pressure Quickly, Cheaply and Naturally

turmeric the turmeric plant or Curcuma longa said her closely
related to ginger the route to be ground into a paste or
dried ground into a powder one of the primary
effect Sept said it decreases inflammation turmeric
is an ingredient and most curry’s can also be purchased
capsules to take or early foods high in salicylates salicylates are the active ingredient in aspirin and
are found in all plant matter to some extent in particular dried fruits berries pineapple and pecans have high levels of salicylates fish oil omega-3 fish oil is a popular supplement because it can help prevent and manage
heart disease by lowering blood pressure reducing triglycerides slowing arterial
plaque development and reducing the chance of abnormal heart dark chocolate dark chocolate varieties contain flavinols which make blood
vessels more elastic in one study 18 percent of patients who ate dark chocolate everyday saw blood pressure decrease just make
sure it contains at least 70 percent cocoa


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