Lower Blood Pressure Quick with Water Fast Better than Medications or Herbs

Lower Blood Pressure Quick with Water Fast Better than Medications or Herbs

I’m going to tell you how to lower your blood pressure fast and get it’s much lower than any medication or than any herb can do any drug can do I’m going to show you how to lower it better than anyone the way to lower it is based on a research study and the research study was conducted and it was reported in the Arbor Clinical Nutrition updates issue 156 where a study was done they had 174 people with hypertension admitted to the hospital and they were initially only given fruits and vegetables for two days after that they were given a strict water diet until their blood pressure stabilized some of the people well it was it was on average for about ten to eleven days they run out of water fast it’s about ten to eleven days that that could normally be dangerous right you don’t want to do that unless you’re medically supervised but short term and short term we’re going to discuss that shortly what you can do short term but this according to this study they did attend to eleven day Waterfest and the results were amazing on average then okay eighty-nine percent of the patients dropped their weight number one about seven kilograms or about six point nine kilograms the blood pressure dropped in the patients on average by dropped 37 for the systolic and 13 for a diastolic but keep in mind that the people who had very high blood pressure there was a much greater drop with people with an average of 194 over 96 millimeters of mercury their drop was 64 systolic in 17 for diastolic which isn’t which is an incredible drop and you’re dealing with a 10 10 11 days on on this water diet and the other thing that was amazing is that once they follow it up they follow it up after they after they were done with the water fast they went on stricted vegan diet and ate fruits and vegetables afterward but their blood pressure stayed low and it stayed low for the follow-up period of 4 to 5 months and they weren’t followed up on anymore so you know one of us what happened after that so that that’s just to me that’s incredible so I actually tried it and I I tried it for just 36 hours and I my blood pressure dropped by 20 on the top and by 10 on the bottom so I had a significant drop within within the 36 hours I’m not saying that anyone else’s will drop like minded in that timeframe but mine did but the according to the medical study they went longer which I don’t recommend without medical supervision and they had banned those huge drops I just drunk water that was very was very active for the day and a half and I drunk a lot of water and I had a significant blood pressure drop one one potential reason for it is your metabolism slows another reason is that your body repairs itself while you’re fasting your old immune cells are destroyed toxins are removed from the body the body repairs and heals itself when you’re under fasting conditions so I wanted to share that information with you I don’t think that it would be wise to go beyond 24 hours or because you could possibly have some people can’t even do 24 hours because the medical issues but I would say if you could do at least 24 with water if you don’t have any health issues and I went if you I would be careful well if you’re dry don’t I will if you have to drive that day I want to even do that if you’re just at home and you wanted to try it maybe a wise thing to do to drop your your your blood pressure if you that’s if you want to drop your blood pressure fast so I wanted to share that information with you thank you for watching

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