Low Estrogen And A Yeast Infection

Hi, there. Erik Bakker again from Candida
Crusher. Here’s FAQ No. 4. This patient prefers to remain anonymous. Can low estrogen cause a yeast infection? Yes, absolutely. Having a high or low estrogen
level can predispose a female towards a vaginal yeast infection. Estrogen has quite an interesting
effect on the vaginal tissue. So when there’s not enough estrogen, the tissue can be quite
dry and the person’s much more prone to getting a bacterial or a yeast-related infection. And if a person has too much estrogen or has
too much mucous secretion, they can actually also favor the reproduction of many yeast
in this area. Many females will notice an increase in yeast infections before their
period or around perimenopause time for this reason when changes in estrogen occur. So, yes, to answer your question, a low estrogen
can cause a yeast infection.