LAICA automatic arm blood pressure monitor (BM2301) – How to use (English)

LAICA automatic arm blood pressure monitor (BM2301) – How to use (English)

like an automatic arm blood pressure monitor includes a main device for double-a type batteries an arm been within heir to a storage case and the instruction menu please read the instruction manual II before first time use before starting the measurement please sit on a chair relax and try to keep still for at least 10 minutes rest the arm on the table so that the arm bend would be on the level with the heart Plus both feet on the ground this device features memory function measurements can be stored in four memory areas multiple family members can use one device for records keeping and tracking press set to turn on the device you will see the person icon flashes press plus or minus to select the memory area number one memory area the b2 memory area number three memory area number four memory area now let’s choose number four memory area press power button to turn off the device plug the tube into the air connector wrap the arm bent around the left arm and be sure that the autorai mark is at inside of the arm the h of the arm Bend must be 1 to 2 centimeter above the elbow joints and the palm of the hand must face top secure the arm Bend in place be sure that the arm Bend is not too tight or not too loose there must be enough room to fit one finger between the arm bein in the arm press power button to start the measurement after you hear a long beep the arm pain will start to inflate automatically and will stop when the right level is reached then the arm Bend deflates automatically one here 300 bits the display shows the measured values the measurement is done all measured values are automatically stored in the selected memory press power button to turn off the device remove the armband you

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