Korean researchers develop blood test to diagnose colorectal cancer

Korean researchers develop blood test to diagnose colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly
diagnosed cancer in the world. Korean researchers developed a way to spot
the warning signs …using a drop of blood. Park Se-young introduces to us the new and
convenient method. These graphs compare blood samples of a person
with colon polyps and a person with colorectal cancer. The cancer patient’s sample contains more
proteins, displayed as red dots. Korean researchers have found a way to diagnose
colorectal cancer using a drop of blood. They took advantage of a technology that can
distinguish specific proteins that multiply in patients. (Korean)
“The technology reveals peptides that combine only with the specific proteins, and recognizes
the difference in production between the samples.” Most types of cancer are diagnosed through
a biopsy or endoscopy. Only a biopsy can make a definite diagnosis,
but it is cumbersome and comes with possible health risks. This is why researchers are trying to find
easier and cheaper ways to spot biomarkers — substances that signal changes in the body. Biomarkers could eventually be combined with
advanced technology, allowing people to monitor their health concerns using their smartphones. Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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