Kidney TRANSPLANT Surgery. Symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure.

Hi, my name is Dr. Slevar
Teddy turned to me for help, and we diagnosed chronic kidney failure at the several stage the
main reason for this is a kidney stone which has been infected
Teddy had been sick for a long time but lately his condition worsened the kidney is
to be removed first we will do anaesthesia so that Teddy doesn’t feel
anything I use a special red solution for this
it’s called ketamine the kidney is a very important organ it constantly
purged the blood at an average rate of 110 milliliter per minute
but with kidney disease , this speed in decrease and if it drop below 15
milliliter per minute the patient need a transplant. tRaises questions where to find a new kidney. New kidney can be transplanted from completely
different people the main criteria for the donor are the age close to the
patients the age of donor over 18 years the absence of chronic diseases and many
others. The medicine has been introduced and after five-minute we can start. Teddy
is on medication now. First we need to get to the kidney I use special scissors for
this. The kidneys also regulate blood pressure an increase or decrease
pressure is felt by special cells in the kidneys and in respond to this they
secret substances that restore the previous pressure figures. Dysfunction of these processes can lead to hypertension under which the pressure
figures are constantly high this is a chronic disease that at first
a person may not feel at all and over time he may have headaches an impaired
vision. it’s necessary to monitor this disease and constantly take drugs that
reduce blood pressure Teddy has an interesting organ system
between the organs are the vessels communicate through which blood delivers oxygen to the entire body In causes of diseases of kidney lower back
pain, disturbances of urination, swelling of the face appear. These
symptoms commonly occur in other diseases so to clarify the diagnosis you
must consult a doctor and pass special tests After the operation we open the
kidney and that is what we found a large amount of pause this is a new kidney before the
operation it was stored in a special solution in the cold which extends the
storage time. In this condition the kidney can be stored for up to 72 hours
now we need to disconnect the old kidney and connect the vessels to the new one
after kidney transplantation there are risk of rejection of the new organ the
immune system can consider the new tissue foreign and begin to fight it like with
a parasite. Now doctors have learned how to deal with this problem by carefully
selecting a donor and drugs that prevent the immune system from attacking and
your organ now a new kidney is in place and we can start stitching the wound.l use special durable threads if you like this video press like and
subscribe to the channel write what you would like to see in next video and
maybe I will make a video about this disease thank you. the operation was
successful Teddy now needs time to recover

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