Kardia Band Quick Start Video

Kardia Band Quick Start Video

Getting started Welcome to Kardia Band. Setup is easy so this should just take a few minutes. Let’s get started. Step 1 installing the strap. Take Kardia Band out of the box. Remove your current watch strap from your Apple Watch. To do this push and hold the button on the back side of the Apple watch and slide out the old strap. Then slide in Kardia Band and make sure the strap with the silver square sensor is attached to the six o’clock side of the watch. Kardia band comes with two lengths options for the lower strap. The short strap comes with the sensor and adapter pre-installed to use the long strap. Instead first compress the spring bar to remove the adapter from the short strap. Then connect the adapter to the spring bar that’s pre-loaded into the long strap. Now just slide the strap into your Apple Watch. Then transfer the silver square sensor into the long band. It’s that easy. Installing the app On your iPhone download the Kardia app from the app store. Now open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap My Watch and scroll to find the Kardia app and tap the Kardia icon. Then tap Show App on Apple watch. It may take a minute for the Kardia app to appear on your Apple watch. Then tap the Kardia app on your iPhone and just follow the on-screen instructions. Log into your existing account if this is your first time using Kardia. You can create an account now. Taking your ECG. Kardia Band can be worn on either wrist and this video the Kardia user is wearing the Kardia Band on his left wrist. To take an ECG, first tap the Kardia app on your Apple watch, with the right hand grasp your left hand, rest your right thumb on the sensor. The inside of the sensor should be touching your wrist. Rest your hands on a table or your lap and remain still during the countdown to get an accurate recording. while Kardia Band is recording your ECG you can speak your symptoms to go along with your recording. Your voice will register on the Apple Watch as you speak. At the end of the recording you can save or cancel your ECG. That’s how easy it is to record an ECG anytime anywhere. Viewing your results. Once it’s saved your ECG will be analyzed and the results shown on your Apple Watch. Swipe to the right or use the digital crown to view your entire ECG recording. Here are your possible recording results normal, possible atrial fibrillation, unclassified, too short, unreadable. For more information on these possible results please review the user manual available on our website alivecor .com /quickstart. Make sure your iPhone’s bluetooth is on so your ECG recordings and analysis from your Apple Watch are synced to your iPhone Kardia app so you can access your results anytime all in one place. A few points to remember: don’t use Kardia Band while charging your watch, don’t take a recording while driving or during physical activity, and to get the most accurate reading, keep your watch forearm and hand still during the recording. Questions? Troubleshooting? See our user manual

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