John’s Story: Life After a heart attack

John’s Story: Life After a heart attack

I was having a bike ride in September last year and came home and started having a feeling
just here near the right ear, right side of the face, then it sort of moved down,
just down to the top of the neck. And then two days later they put in two stents
in one of my arteries, which was 90% blocked. Yeah, that was actually quite a shock
that morning. 54 years old, to suddenly have
this heart attack situation. catch up with you.
Is this still a good time? The scary thing about heart disease
and heart attacks is that it can happen to anyone at any age. ..with my wife. Christine is my Bupa coach. She’s been speaking to me about every 4-5 weeks,
we have a chat, so she’s not lecturing me, but she’s certainly checking on
how I’ve been going since the last time, whether I’m still exercising regularly, how the diet’s going. Being fit is certainly part of the story, but good food and nutrition
is the other side of it. So, he’s lost 9 kilograms. It’s been good for him to have someone to talk to
who’s not his wife. When you hear that quite a percentage of people
do die from their first heart attack, it certainly makes you appreciate and value
the rest of life that you have.

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