i let my BLOOD TYPE pick my foods for 3 days

Blood-type diet I think my mom might have been the first person telling me about this, but basically this is called the blood type diet I know it sounds very intense And essentially this diet claims that every single person has like a different body chemistry So, for example my blood type is probably different from you guys’s blood type And if you eat like these specific foods, it’s going to have a different effect on me Then it’s going to have on you guys. So according to I would say scientists, but I don’t know if I should so according to scientists This is a diet that is literally created for you and it’s supposed to make you feel so much better It’s supposed to make your body feel better your mental health, which honestly I need overall This is meant to make your body function on its peak performance We’re gonna go on Google and we’re going to type in the blood type diet And I know my blood type, so maybe actually I should O+ that’s my blood type I don’t know if it’s weird type O blood a high protein diet heavy or no lean meat poultry fish and vegetables There’s nothing lean about me or what I eat light and grains beans and dairy There is like my whole life dairy milk that Dairy Queen what to eat for blood type O so meat We already knew that and then fish Vegetables noting the broccoli spinach and kale are good for weight loss. I don’t want to lose weight I want to feel great. I want my peak performance the Paleo oriented or low Carbohydrate like all my favorite foods are carbohydrates like pasta Sugars a carbohydrate like those are the things they make my body function. I guess this explains a lot. No pasta. No cookies No cake No pastries, this is from dr Lam and it’s basically a table that’s called like all the foods that I can or can’t eat at least it seems like it’s Consistent from all the doctors like what foods I sure they should not eat initially I wanted to do this for a whole week But because I’m filming other videos like it’s really hard for me to clear dice for only eating Specific foods for like a long period so we’re actually going to be doing this for three days So three days following the blood type diet No, pasta, no sugar no candy Before we move on to breakfast I just want to make it clear that my goal for this is not to lose weight because I don’t need to lose weight my Goal is to just make my body feel better See if this actually makes me feel better like mentally and physically so I’ve actually got this special scales Instead of giving you just the way these special scales also give you other Information about your body like your metabolic age your body fat if you’re eating enough protein So I think this will be a good indicator so I’m going to weigh myself now and I won’t show you the Results and then in the end of the video, we’re going to compare the before and after three days following this diet I’m sorry about the weird angle, but this only works if you’re naked so at the end of the third day I will finally reveal if anything’s changed if I go healthier or not. So let’s do it on my blood type list it said that the only three fruits that are actually Recommended or plums which I’ve never had plums before and then figs and also another one that I can’t remember But I couldn’t find it at the supermarket. So I want to do a good job here I want to eat the things they are recommended and only those things for like three days So I’m gonna start with a plum fig smoothie, but because I can’t have any milk I’m actually gonna use some almond milk which is not gonna be that different because Sometimes when I’m feeling healthy I have this so when I say that I’m trash. I don’t think you guys understand the extent I’ve never eaten plums or figs before my parents eat figs on Christmas and it smells So gross but I’m gonna do it for the blood diet. So these are three plums I’m not gonna be allowed any sugar for three days So figs is as sweet as he gets this is gonna be the replacement for sugar It’s probably good also, I don’t actually own a blender. So we’re gonna use one of these immersion ones That’s an interesting sound also no blending It smells like all the Christmas fruits that I hate very trash miss Mm-hmm. Oh That is so thick you could actually eat this with a spoon I mean, it’s weirdly sweet, but honestly, like being real, I feel like I could get used to it It tastes like expired caramel that makes any sense and the consistency is something to get used to but overall I mean I could have this for breakfast maybe no everyday. It’s a little bit later and I actually kind of enjoyed breakfast I know weirdly on the list one of the food items that it was literally everywhere on every website from my blood type it was Seafood so I actually got this sea bass So this is what I’m gonna be cooking for lunch And hopefully there will be leftovers for dinner and then I’m gonna be eating this with some kale He says that it’s either kale or lettuce. The vegetables are the most beneficial for me I’m gonna cook everything in sesame oil because that’s also the oil that is supposed to be the most beneficial for me I don’t never cook with this. So this is good to try new things. At least I Don’t know how strong this is. Like it smells very strongly. So I don’t think we should do a lot How do you even do this I’m struggling here I’m gonna try not to break the fish putting it on top of the kale gate. One two, I Love being healthy Wow. I don’t think I’m allowed salt or anything So I’m gonna just add a little more sesame oil on top of the kale And there we go guys. This is our blood diet lunch. I mean, obviously we’re only two meals in bomb I don’t feel better. But I do feel like I miss coffee and sugar a lot. I Really need salt here These are gonna be a very long three days, that’s all I can tell you for now And also, I have to deal with the fact that all this stuff is here And I can’t eat it. I took you for granted and I’m sorry who is ready for some dinner? This is bad place and horror music Let me get the fruit out so they doesn’t get fishy because that’s weird. It’s quite light before dinner I’ve got the leftover fish from lunch that I actually enjoyed and this time around I’m eating it with some broccoli because it was also the other vegetable that is supposed to be Amazing for me. Ah, I Don’t feel great. I Always joke in my videos, duh. I am trash but the thing is like this foods sugar. Pasta bread They’re actually my favorite foods. Like I don’t like this stuff just for the videos Like that’s actually real I don’t love any of this and I don’t feel better I feel like my health is the same or worse. I Miss sugar so much That’s been the hardest part. The only fruits that I’m allowed is literally plums or fakes. So I’m gonna be eating a plum It’s either getting sweeter or my body is interesting to not eating sugar because this is very very sweet now I’m gonna finish my dinner. I’m gonna eat some of those plums and that is basically today’s foods not being dramatic Wow, I am so done with today. I Don’t feel any different I couldn’t sleep last night. So I spent most of the night awake and then I slept in the morning So I only just woke up and it’s like almost 1 p.m. Terrible life decisions all around I know I was actually gonna do another one of those smoothies that we had yesterday for breakfast but then because it’s so light I just thought you know what let’s just do like a little In between breakfast and lunch. I never actually eat seafood So I went to the store and I saw these seafood steaks ready to eat and I thought you know, what sounds perfect for this Diet so it smells good. It smells like ketchup. There’s no ketchup in it place smells just like ketchup So this will be my breakfast lunch It tastes like ketchup it smells like good and it tastes just like ketchup I actually really like that I Can already guess what’s gonna happen and I’m gonna love breakfast just like we kind of liked yesterday and then for lunch and for dinner It’s going to be just as bad as yesterday on This sequence six. I don’t really know if this is like a very late lunch or like a very early dinner But it’s something in between. I’m gonna be eating this for both My diet basically says that I can eat a lot of meat and like seafood, but it has to be very lean So I got these like beef burgers, but these are like really expensive ones This is the saddest thing ever, but I’m trying to make pasta out of like courgette zucchini I don’t know what you call it. Once again. We’re cooking everything with sesame oil. So I’m gonna cook both because This is gonna be essentially two meals. This is all I’m gonna eat today So the beef is kind of cooked so I’m just gonna transfer it out I mean It smells pretty good. It’s literally gone. No salt. No seasoning nothing So there’s no much expectations from me So I’m just remove all the beef out and then I’m gonna cook the fake spaghetti Is there no blood type that demands for you to eat like delicious healthy meals because that’s what I need Just when I thought I couldn’t hate my body anymore The so on top of our fake noodles, I’m gonna add the need to save this meat for later If I’m not gonna pull they’re transferring this to a plate. This is just going to be the way I eat my lunch There’s no much flavor because obviously There’s no salt nothing because it tastes nothing like actual vasa It’s just something different, but it’s actually It’s not too bad I actually like it I like this a lot better than the meal that we made yesterday, which was the fish. He could actually be them I bought it he’s like adjusting to no sugar and no past and no coffee because this is all I’m gonna be eating today because I still Got some leftovers like right here I don’t know if I’m gonna check in with you guys later to tell you how I’m feeling or if we’re just gonna go straight Until tomorrow I’ve eaten and I’ve cooked a lot worse than this I’m Way too lazy to go and set up my bait camera and the Lied so I just wanted to like Update you and like tell you what I’m having for breakfast this time around. I’m trying coconut milk I think two days ago We tried the almond milk because obviously it can’t have any actual milk Even though it says I can’t have coffee on the list. It says that I can have tea So this is some matcha powder with coconut milk It’s interesting I think my blood is just gradually getting used to no sugar. So to me there’s a horse taste like chocolate I Don’t know why I think I’m enjoying this. I’m gonna become one of those vegan health channels who makes videos of all like replacement for pasta and rice I almost don’t want to admit like how good I actually Filled today on the third day because I know that there’s no way I would ever Continue to do this because I miss crisps and passed away too much but being honest with you guys I feel really really good. I actually feel like I have so much energy. I’m focused. I want to finish this video So I can start editing and post it. Like I never have this much energy Tonight after dinner which marks the third beginning of the fourth day I’m gonna grab the scales and weigh myself and I am going to see if there’s been any changes Am I actually healthier or is it all in my head? Let’s start the day Cost way too much energy. So this is gonna be Officially my last meal because it’s the third day You’re gonna make something that I think you might be one of the best meals yet So I really want to stick with the seafood and lean stuff So I thought the only type of seafood that I ever enjoy is seafood rice But I obviously can’t have rice because it’s a strictly no Carbohydrates, but I found this broccoli rice and it’s got rice in the title But it’s actually just a 100% broccoli, but it’s been chopped to look like rice. I’ve got some leftover seafood sticks So I’m also gonna add that to our rice Because might as well, I mean it’s not like I’m ever gonna follow this diet ever again It’s the last day. Let’s combine everything So I’m gonna add our rice to the seafood that Looks nothing like rice Wow that’s stinky dinner is served I think finally I’m getting like the hang of it like I get it. I’m finding replacements for faster replacements for rice and Now that I’m getting good at it. It’s ending keeping it real. I don’t think I could do this for much longer I feel great though. I’m really really curious to see where the scales are gonna say if I go any healthier, or maybe not Oh, that would be bad. So here we’ve got some broccoli rice with seafood It is nothing like Rice once again like to me this is just vegetables with seafood I Don’t know what you call it rice That’s like me telling people that there’s good content on my channel like everyone knows it’s not true I was originally gonna weigh myself today after dinner, but But now I’m thinking I might do it tomorrow So I’m gonna eat this for today and then I’m gonna snack on some of the stuff that I’ve shown you like the plums You know seafood steaks and the figs and everything and basically that’s what I’m gonna be eating for the rest of the day Did we get healthier or not? Stay tuned to find out I? Don’t know if you guys remember but I started the video by saying how much I hate fix this was my snack last night before bed and Also some coconut milk You can’t really see the moment of truth is here. I’m a positive way myself and we are about to find out If this was a waste of time or not, I can’t need to get naked because otherwise the scales org. Uh, huh? Let’s find out the truth I’m well aware the loads of people have so many like dietary restrictions because of health problems and so many different Situations but I’m saying that for me this was extremely difficult. I know so many of you I’m sure do this every single day. But these three days were like I never want to do it again Let’s finally find out whether this whole thing was worth it or not. So the final results are in and And according to the scales in these last four days I have lost point 95 Kilograms, which is a 900 grams zero point nine percent of body fat. I actually lost that I’m not a doctor But I think that’s a lot for four days as almost 1% body fat Lost in four days in this last part is in sir. Good So I lost also 0.3 points on my BMI and my BMI is eighteen point four Which I’m technically considered underweight I went from normal to underweight So maybe this diet know the best for me for some reason my body Likes the pasta and the sugar and it works for me But I mean, I guess if you want to lose body fat if that’s like your main goal like four days 1% body fat loss. That’s a lot. I’m so glad this is over. I am going to eat so much today I’m gonna eat crisps. I’m gonna eat cake chocolate cake I’ve never done one of these for 3 days straight like a food video So hopefully you guys really enjoy that. This was a lot of work So if you liked it, I’d really appreciate a thumbs up or I like don’t forget to subscribe There’s a subscribe button down below So if you press it Then there’s a little bell and if you press that Bell Every time I push the video that YouTube thinks that you might enjoy you will get a notification So thank you to those of you who’ve got my notifications on this might be a really weird comment question But I kinda want to know what your diet would be like So let me know if you know where your blood type is and what kind of foods you’re supposed to eat for the whole day Look it up on Google. It’s pretty easy to find. I mean I did it. I hope you had fun I had so much fun, and I will see you guys on my next video, which is gonna be in one day. Bye. Bye