Hypertension and Healthy Eating, Part 2 Role Play, Demo, Foundations

Hypertension and Healthy Eating, Part 2   Role Play, Demo, Foundations

So, Lee, what I wanted to
share with you is what we think is some really good
information about nutrition that our clinic’s been sharing
with all of our patients, and it’s called The
Nutrition Source. I think you told
me you’re somebody that likes to get
on the Internet and do your own research. So I’ll give you the link
so you can go and find it. But it’s done by the
Harvard Medical School. And what we like about it is
that it reflects the latest science about nutrition,
but it presents it in a language that’s easy
for everybody to understand. Because the science is
tricky, at least for me. This healthy eating
plate is really designed to focus on what are
the healthier options for us in terms of food
and drink that we want to increase day
to day in our diet. The other thing that
I like about this site is that it’s not super extreme. It doesn’t say go on a diet. It doesn’t say never eat
ice cream again, never drink a soda again. You’re a horrible person
if you drink a soda. It’s kind of– It’s keeping it real. It is trying to
keep it real, which is what I think
works for our health. And really it’s about
the french fries that you were talking about,
the salt on your food. Can we bring that
down, reduce it? Moderation. Moderation, I think that was
the saying I grew up with. Moderation in all things,
and it kind of makes sense. It does, yeah. And these are the
options that we’re being encouraged to
eat and drink more of. So you’ll notice that water is
right at the top of the list. Something that you
also mentioned. And tea and coffee with
less sugar in it, right. You said you like your sugar. I’m not going to say, Lee, never
put sugar in your coffee again. But maybe think about
can you reduce it. Does it still taste good? That’s for you to gauge.