How to treat high blood pressure: Treatment that works.

How to treat high blood pressure: Treatment that works.

hello it’s Marian Gorban here from…Chances are that you’ve landed on this video because you are
looking for how to treat high blood pressure. In this video I’m going to show
you a simple trick or natural treatment for high blood pressure in order you to
normalize your blood pressure naturally and solve these health problems once for
all. What I’m going to show you in a seconds helped me with this problem as well
as my mom and some of my friends. After long research I found that the best
solution for my high blood pressure is olive leaf extract or olive leaves tea.
I used to make tea from olive tree leaves in the past. This tea is very
powerful and can make wonders for you olive tree was blessed by Jesus Christ
and was mentioned so many times in the Bible. Why olive tree is beneficial for all of
us? This tea is a solution for high blood pressure, and also it’s beneficial
for your immune system. So, Why Olive leaf tea is beneficial for all of us.
This tea is a solution for high blood pressure and also it’s beneficial for
your immune system. Why? Olive tree leaves contain a substance called Oleuropein. Oleuropein is a compound found in a high concentration in olive leaf, favorably
modulates arterial resistance and stiffness, high blood pressure’s core mechanism.
So, the main cause of High Blood Pressure is arterial resistance or stiffness. So,
what Oleuropein does is: It modulates or makes arteries more flexible and
elastic this causes direct lowering of blood pressure and this way Oleuropein
makes arteries younger. If you’re going to consume this tea or take olive leaf
extract supplement during at least 8 weeks you’re going to see that your high blood pressure simply disappeared. I have done it and
you could do it too. As I mentioned before a good alternative for olive leaf
tea is olive leaf extract supplement. Down below in the description I’m going
to leave a link to the supplement I used and which helped me and my mom. Okay guys, let’s have a look together what people say about this product in the
comments. So, as I mentioned this is the the supplement I’ve taken. So, they sell it
on Amazon and you see here the best leaf olive leaf extract. Yeah, and also they’ve
got here Olive Leaf, Heart and Immune support, vegetarian and non-GMO… Okay,
let’s have a look at that commentaries… So, you see the customer reviews 1378
almost five-star has got this product. So, it’s a very very good product ladies and
gentleman and it’s a it actually deserves it. So these are actually the
customer reviews, for example here… “Wonderful product!! Struggled with high
blood pressure for years and in 30 days was proud to lower it from 171/111
to 117/78 cut back on sodium usage too. Couldn’t be happier.” So, you’ve got one
person here which is happy about this product. You have got another one here…
Also if you take down you’ll find a lot of people who are very very very happy
about this product… Another one: “This is a superior product at the most reasonable
price! 20% Oleuropein in the Olive Leaf Extract is the highest you can get…” Also
very more factors that cause blood pressure and things you have to be aware
of. All this information you’re going to find it in a book which I recommend you to
read. Actually it’s not a book, it’s a program
for lowering high blood pressure and everything you need you’re going to find
there. So, reading this you’re going to know exactly how to treat your blood
pressure during the rest of your life. In the description I’m going to leave a
link but actually let’s go and see what is it. Guys, when you are going to press
the link you’re going to be redirected to this… to this page and where you could
do see: “3 easy exercises to drop blood pressure below 128/80 – Starting Today! so
yeah you’ve got a video where you could find out what is all about and here
you’ve got of course the price. Of course if you have to pay for it but it trust
me it’s a very very good program you will learn a lot about this
problem and what causes this problem and how you could tackle it… So, this is it. I hope that you’ve found this video helpful.
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  2. Thks for this vΓ­deo. How manu times can we take the tea in a day??? And the amount of the olive leaf do we put in a can per time. Sorry about my inglish i'm not American. Thks

  3. Hi Marian Gorban, you mentioned the 3 exercises for high blood program, is it a scam? or the book really works? kindly advise and thank you!

  4. I will definitely be trying this , my blood pressure is high for years and always looking to try a natural way to keep it low without medications , I will let you know how it works for me πŸ˜πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

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