How to Take Blood Pressure : Interpreting Blood Pressure Readings

How to Take Blood Pressure : Interpreting Blood Pressure Readings

Now that you’ve taken your blood pressure,
and gone through all those steps, what do these numbers mean. If you actually do have
high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, you can refer back to the “What is blood pressure,
and how does it relate to my life” video, and in that video we go through the Joint
National Committee guidelines on what certain numbers mean in terms of high blood pressure,
and normal blood pressure. What I would also say is that if you do have an elevated find,
either on the systolic or the diastolic, you should confirm that with your doctor, and
it’s up to the doctor’s discretion as to how you should proceed with any kind of treatment.
Next, we want to talk a little bit about how changes in blood pressure occur with exercise,
and we’re going to use a model to show how exercising, and working him out is going to
increase his blood pressure. After that, we’re going to use some household items to help
demonstrate what’s actually going on in the body.


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